Pawdicures, Tutus, and Kibble: Splash and Dash Pet Boutique

Owning A Pet Boutique Harmonizes a Fun Lifestyle with Aspiring Entrepreneurship by Virtue of Building Something We Love

Owning a pet boutique is one of the most fun ways to combine your love for animals with your business experience. So many ex-corporate employees have told me how miserable their job was. Some people are simply working for the wrong company. Others are meant for something greater. Either way—you only get one life and it’s a short one, so don’t waste your time dreaming—wake up and seize the dream!

Pet boutique owners across the nations were able to stop putting off their dream of opening a pet boutique and built something they love. Of course, quitting your job and launching a small business is no easy task.

What Are the Options in Owning a Pet Boutique?

One option for aspiring entrepreneurs is opening a mom and pop shop, and build from the ground up. This takes an enormous amount of diligence. You will have to design a brand, establish suppliers, and find a POS system—just to name a few challenges at the tip of the iceberg.

The other option is buying a franchise. Many business savvy venturists will tell you this is the way to go. It is true, buying into a franchise will save you the time of establishing a brand and the scaffolding of your business is already in place, leaving you more time to focus on making your pet boutique successful.

The problem with investing mass capital into a large pet retail franchise is is you lose autonomy and control over your business. Isn’t this why you wanted to own your place, to build your vision? There are other options.

You could partner with Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique—own a pet boutique that treats customers like family, their pets like royalty, and opens the freedom to build your life around work, not the other way around.

Why Owning A Splash and Dash Can Change Your Life


Americans rank as the 16th longest workweek, according to a poll by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The poll cited that the average U.S. citizen works 34.40 hours per week. For some, this is hard to believe, as workers from waiters to corporate executives are clocking in much longer than this. A career should forefront two things: work-life balance and passion. Without these two elements, it is very easy to disengage and become one of the many disgruntled workers employed in the caveat of corporate America.

Owning a pet boutique is a golden opportunity to break this cycle. Women and men can have the flexibility to raise their family balanced with a successful career.  I wish I could tell you once you become your own boss, you will never have to listen to anyone ever again. You will still have to work with vendors, government officials, and customers, but you will find that fidelity with yourself will structure your day-to-day. Your insight will be your guide, and if you partner with a credible franchisee, you will have the support and direction you need to be successful.

As your own boss, you can control your schedule and the flexibility of this schedule will be solely determined by you. You will have the autonomy to work hard to earn money on your terms.

Power to Help People

At Splash and Dash, we want people we like to put emphasis on helping people and their pets. We do this by educating pet owners. We act as guides to help them make informed and responsible decisions regarding their pets.

A pet boutique and grooming salon provides the opportunities to care for pets with holistic products. We help maintain our clients’ animal’s welfare. Preventative care is imparted from our loving groomers. Shop owners can lead their community by joining their chamber of commerce, host philanthropic events like adoption days, and treat a dog to the most relaxing spa experience a pooch can get.

Help Break the Glass Ceiling

Women can break the pattern of marginalization by owning their own business. We are proud of our female owners who joined the rising number of 9.1 million women-owned businesses operating in the U.S. The number of women-owned business has risen 68% since 1997, according to a state-owned business report.

Personally, we would like to see these figures continue to rise as equality spreads across enterprises. Whether you are interested in a pet boutique or want to be the next president, Splash and Dash loves doing our part to help close the gender gap.

Appeal of Splash and Dash Over Other Pet Boutiques

Store Design

Who wants to work in a gloomy office with fluorescent lighting?

The Splash and Dash color palette was handpicked to design a space that is open and warm. The hues of green, blue, and pink are vibrant and fun. Each Splash and Dash location combines the warmth of friendly service with an upscale inviting ambiance that smells more like a candle store than a pet salon. (No wet dog smell here).

The entire merchandising display of your pet boutique is a showcase of possibility for humans, and a playground of contentment for animals.

Awesome Work Environment

If you are a person who imagines themselves working in an upbeat and fun environment, with lots of smiles and lots of puppies, then you might’ve been born to own a pet boutique.

The company offers services like pawdicures, doggie facials, and aromatherapy. Groomers absolutely pamper dogs in the lap of luxury. Trust me when I say, it is the cutest thing to watch a little Yorkie enter their place of bliss and overindulgence at a pet spa. Not only are the animals around you happy but the people are too!

You control the company culture.

As a shop owner, you will be the one to hire your management team. Before a grand opening, corporate helps by scaling back the lists of resumes sure to pile up on your desk. They will then determine a handful of good fits for you to interview with. This helps you compose the chemistry and dynamic of your shop without wasting time on quality assurance. Gone are the days of working with people who don’t share your vision.

The Splash and Dash Brand

A brand is a mantra, a mission statement, and constitution all rolled into one.

The Splash and Dash brand is summarized in our slogan, Play Dirty. Live Clean. The philosophy behind this is that we want our clients and their dogs to live life to the fullest extent by playing dirty. We want our clients’ dogs to go for the romp in the mud, splash in the waves at the dog beach.

It’s OK, come on down to Splash and Dash for some sudsy pampering and you’re ready to do it over again. This is the segue into living clean. This extends into the convenience we offer at Splash and Dash and our pledge for a better and greener world. Living clean is living conscious—a platform for love.


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