Why is a Splash and Dash Retail Franchise Great for Investors?

Would you like a pet franchise opportunity based on a well-established and proven business model, while still maintaining enough autonomy to learn and grow as a business owner every single day?

Read the page below to learn why a Splash and Dash retail franchise is a great franchise opportunity for investors!

Recession Proof

Recession Proof Profits

If you’re like most of the franchise owners who have started a Splash and Dash retail franchise, you probably enjoy a good challenge. But that doesn’t mean you want to expose yourself to unnecessary financial risk! When you select a franchise, you need to choose an investment option in a stable market.

Believe it or not, the pet industry is a perfect solution. During the 2008 recession, the pet industry not only avoided a downturn, but actually maintained its upward momentum. People love their pets, and many pet parents are willing to sacrifice their own luxuries to provide their pets with the luxuries that they deserve.

If you want access to a 58 Billion Dollar market, Splash and Dash is waiting for you!

The pet industry has been growing for years… will you take advantage?

Industry Info

Incredible Growth Opportunities

One of the most attractive reasons to start a Splash and Dash pet franchise is our extremely low start-up costs. We boast one of the lowest initial investment requirements in the industry.

If you choose our low cost franchise opportunity, you can start your business earlier, with less financial risk, and start profiting off your new location in no time!

In fact, many of our retail franchise owners find Splash and Dash so accessible and rewarding, that they choose to start multiple units back to back.

We make it easy for our dedicated franchise owners to dominate their local markets with prime protected territories. Once you’ve claimed your space, we’ll keep all potential competition out of your way.

We have prime markets available for the right franchise owners. Don’t wait to claim your spot!

Business That Makes a Difference

Our most successful retail franchise owners understand that providing value for their communities pays off in the long run. That’s why we’re so proud of the difference that our partners make for the pets and the people in their lives.

Opening a Splash and Dash pet franchise in your area will make it easier for your customers to provide quality care for their pets. You’ll get to forge meaningful relationships with members of your community, all while you build customer loyalty and bring in more profit.

If you want to have daily positive interactions with people in your area, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of pets and their owners, Splash and Dash is the perfect pet franchise opportunity for you.

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