What is the SD Franchise Business Pet Store Model?

Your Spa is Luxurious… Theirs Should Be Too!

Our Splash and Dash franchises are successful because a key to the franchise business is we match quality pet grooming products and services with dedicated and capable franchise owners. We’ll provide you with a powerful brand built on honesty, integrity, and quality. If you take pride in your work, and want to start a franchise that truly enriches your community, you may be a great fit for Splash and Dash.

Every Splash and Dash Franchise Relies On:

Stylish Spaces

If you decide to start a Splash and Dash franchise business, we’ll provide you with guidelines designed to keep your space affordable, attractive, and efficient. We want to help you get started with a space that will complement your skills as a manager and business builder.

You’re the kind of person who won’t stop working until you’ve succeeded, and then you’ll work some more. Let our proven franchise business model help you thrive faster! It all starts with a good space. That’s why we encourage 1000-1250 square foot layouts that give customers a quaint yet modern experience with energizing décor!

We’ll help you craft a pet grooming space that will meet your specific management style, and allow you to make more money with less overhead.

Luxurious Services

Our most successful franchise owners have proven to their customers that they TRULY care about their pets. They recognize that pet parents want to spoil their dogs, and they’re dedicated to learning and applying superior grooming techniques.

At Splash and Dash, we don’t just treat pets with care. We bathe them in the lap of luxury. Choose to become a Splash and Dash franchisee and we’ll provide upfront training, so that you can keep your customers (and their pets) coming back for more.

In addition to providing luxurious grooming services and products, we also like to educate people on proper pet care. This includes nutrition, hygiene, grooming, and more! When you open a Splash and Dash franchise, we’ll teach you how to educate people in your community so that they can keep their pets happy, healthy, and active for years to come.

Amazing People

Our franchise business model may serve pets, but it runs on amazing people. If you’re like some of our most successful franchise owners, you’re probably already very confident finding, hiring, and managing great employees.

But, if you’re a first-time business owner, we’re here to help you find professional and friendly employees that will set your customers at ease and keep them coming back. With the simple and effective training that we provide, you can get your staff up to speed in no time.

Your Team

You’ll be surprised when you learn how profitable Splash and Dash can be. Click ‘Next Step’ to discover why Splash and Dash is great for investors!