What Territories are Available?

Become the Go-To Pet Expert in Your Community!

The truth is, we could probably make a lot of money if we allowed everyone and their dog (pun intended) to open a Splash and Dash pet franchise, but that approach might jeopardize the success of our individual franchise owners.

We’re looking to partner with driven and growth-oriented franchise owners who want to dominate their local market, and make Splash and Dash the most talked about pet grooming store in their zip code. In return, we ensure 100% protected territories.

We care about your ability to make meaningful revenue from your Splash and Dash location. That’s why we protect your territories from other people interested in owning a SD franchise. We’d rather you be able to make A LOT, than for a lot of owners to make a little.

Why does this make Splash and Dash such a promising franchise opportunity? In many other franchise, it’s common for someone to start a franchise, see huge success, and then lose all their business to a newer larger location nearby. With us, you’ll never have to worry about a bigger better Splash and Dash opening down the street – unless YOU build it.

Does Your Community Need a Splash and Dash?

In general, the most successful territories are in cities that have a strong sense of community, and care about pets. The key to success is having a lot of pet parents to help and befriend. If you frequently see people out with their pets in your area, don’t hesitate to see if you can start a franchise nearby.

We’ve created territory boundaries based on criteria designed to help you succeed. Check the map below to see free territories across the county. If your state already has protected territories within it, don’t be discouraged. You can still start a franchise in another territory within the state. We’re also interested in expanding our influence to new markets. In you live in a future market, and our interested in opening a Splash and Dash, give us a call to get your hands on the flagship location in your state!

Available Areas

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