Meet our Founder, Dan J. Barton

When Dan moved to Florida to get his first “real” job at the age of 21, he had no idea how far his entrepreneurial ambitions would take him. After working at a fitness center for 7 years, he purchased his first World’s Gym franchise in Orlando. Before he knew it, he had 5 locations. Because of his experience in the franchise, World’s Gym brought him on as CFO of the entire company.

Dan J. BartonHis adorable Yorkie, Mercedes, then inspired him to venture into the pet store business, where he focused on driving more consumers into the business. That’s where the idea for Splash and Dash was born. Dan is proud to have built a franchise that is driving revenue for countless people across the United States and Australia.

Dan has also shared some of his knowledge about the pet industry in his book called Stop YOUR Bitchin’ and Start Making REAL Money! The honest truth of what it takes to succeed in the Pet Industry. This book has helped pet store owners turn their failing businesses into profit machines. What’s the only regret Dan has? He hasn’t yet worked with you.

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