8 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job and Move Forward

The majority of us spend the bulk of our waking hours at work. So why spend the best part of your life at a place you hate? Whether you are involved in the pet franchise industry, a multinational company, or a small business, it is imperative you are able to maintain healthy life-work balance.

Job dissatisfaction can lead to serious health problems like constant illness, depression, anxiety, and poor sleep, according to a study by the American Psychological Association.

Issues like this are important to consider when over half of the U.S. workforce states dissatisfaction in their jobs. According to Insights from a Conference Board study, only 47.7% of workers report contentment at work.

Myriad reasons can account for the reason why many hate their job. Bad management, inequality in the workplace, and a lack of passion all contribute to career path burnout rates. No surprise that an average person will change careers between 9 and 12 times in a lifetime.

If you are experiencing any of the following hardships, this may be life’s red flag telling you it’s time to start looking for an escape plan.

The Ship is Sinking

Speaking from experience, many of our shop owners began looking into the pet franchise industry when they realized their company was cutting across the board. A colleague of mine told me, “It wasn’t a matter of if they were going to lay me off, it was a matter of when.”

She was referring to a company that has been an international software development company for decades. Instead of waiting for the day to come to be laid off. My colleague started her own small business. She is loving life and excelling in her entrepreneurial pursuit!

Watch for warning signals that your company is folding. A sudden need for approval for minor business expenses, shifts in upper management leaving, and secrecy like closed-door meetings all could mean severance packages.

If you suspect your company is in trouble, it is better to be proactive about your career situation, then to suddenly find yourself in the competitive job market.

Halted Advancement

There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable in your job. The trick is not to become complacent. Careers are about advancing yourself by developing your personal and professional skills. Working with a company should be mutually beneficial to a company investing in you by adding to your value as an employee.

If you feel stagnant in your position, especially if you have worked hard and expressed interest in advancement, you may want to look elsewhere.

Out of the Circle

If you feel like you are left out of meetings—the last one to know about new projects, this probably means your boss associates you with a faceless employee. This management indifference is not uncommon. Many hardworking individuals have grown tired of corporate roadblocks like this and found haven in owning their own small business in the pet franchise industry.

If you feel like you are treated like a body filling a desk, not a valuable employee with insights and contributions, this is a bad signal for your career. You should be part of the team.

You’re More ‘In the Know’ Than Your Boss

Dealing with an incompetent boss is a nightmare. It’s frustrating to work under a person whose less knowledgeable and skilled than yourself. The underlying issue is there is no trust between management and employees. If you can’t trust your boss to make the right decisions to keep the company afloat this leads to workplace uncertainty.

Of course, bosses are not infallible. Apathy and ineptitude in upper management are unfortunate byproducts of corporate America and no one should be subjected to this treatment.

Instead of dealing with it, why not become your own boss? Explore opportunities like owning your own small business in the pet franchise industry, or journey wherever your passion takes you.

Your Boss is a Roadblock

Good management means developing a team and motivating employees through synthesis. A boss should build up your ambition and professional skills—that’s their job. Instead, many managers are unprofessional, two-faced, or just downright hard to work with. If your boss is this type of person, don’t live with the misery.

You Have to Give Yourself a Pep-Talk Before Going to Work

We all know the feeling. It’s Sunday night and you’re going over every futile possibility of not returning to work the following Monday. This dread is a disruptive cycle. Not only is this bad for one’s mental health, but it can lead to prolonged stress which manifests itself in physical complications.

A strong career is fueled by passion. Challenges in the workplace should stimulate you—let your creativity and skill-set flourish. If you are dragging yourself by the collar every day just to make it the office, find a place you can’t wait to get to.

Your Health is Suffering

With 76% of respondents citing money and work as the leading cause of their stress in an American Psychological Association study. Of the 26,000 U.S. workers studied, 60% stated they were so unhappy with their current job they would prefer a new career pathway. In the same study,  77% reported feeling physical symptoms of stress like depression, insomnia, headaches, and frequent illness. Over 300 billion dollars a year goes toward stress-related health care and missed work.

No paycheck or career is worth sacrificing your physical health. Find something better.

You Forgot What You’re Passionate About? Consider the Pet Franchise Industry

I work in a pretty awesome place—the pet franchise industry. I help people achieve their dreams once they’ve realized their passion. Most of life is spent working hard. The difference is being fulfilled by the work you pour into your job. There is a great feeling one gets when they look over their achievements and they can truly feel proud.

Knowing whether you are in the right place for your career takes a moment of introspection. Find what makes you happy in the long-term and pursue a career in this happiness.

For myself, and many like me, it is the pet franchise industry. Specifically, it’s owning my own business and being my own boss in a place the helps people and animals. I get to be a leader in my community. Every day we make a difference. Even if it’s a small difference, it keeps myself and people around me very happy. These small differences are culminating toward a better world.

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