Why is Splash and Dash Great for Investors?

We Create a Win Win Win For Pet Parents, Pets, and You!

As you have read through our website, you’ve learned why so many customers love the way that we do business. But, if you’re considering investing in your own Splash and Dash franchise, you’ll probably want to learn what Splash and Dash can offer you as well. Keep reading to discover why our business model can provide amazing opportunities for you.

Recession Proof Your Income

Recession Proof

When the recession hit in 2008, many previously-thriving small businesses and franchises went under. Why? Because, with shrinking pocket-books across the country, the market for many products and services disappeared. That’s why, when you select a franchise, you need to choose an option that will provide you with the best opportunity for success whether you’re in a boom or a bust.

Believe it or not, the pet industry is a perfect solution. During the 2008 recession, the pet industry not only avoided a downturn, but actually maintained it’s upward momentum. People love their pets, and many pet parents are willing to sacrifice their own luxuries in order to provide their pets with the luxuries that they deserve.

Check out the graphic below to see how the pet industry has grown year after year!

Industry Info

Low Cost Entry and Multi-Unit Opportunities

One of the most attractive aspects of our franchising opportunity is the extremely low start-up costs. We boast one of the lowest initial investment requirements in the industry.

What does that mean for you?

You can get started earlier, with more money left over, and you can take advantage of the Splash and Dash brand recognition from day one.

In fact, many of our franchise owners get so much value out of their store fronts that they choose to start multiple units in multiple locations. With our franchises, you can maximize your profit potential from day one.

Prime Protected Locations

With Splash and Dash, you won’t just get affordable start up costs and expansion opportunities. You’ll also receive territory protection so that no one can open another Splash and Dash in your area. We do everything that we can to ensure your success, even if that means sacrificing a little revenue from our own bottom line.

We have prime markets available for the right franchisees. Don’t wait to claim your spot! Once your area has been claimed, you’ll miss your chance.

Look at the map below to see if your state is ready for a new Splash and Dash!

Available Areas

Business That Makes a Difference

We’re proud of the financial advantages that we can provide for our franchisees, but we’re most proud of the difference that our partners make in their communities.

When you open a franchise in your area, you’ll improve the quality of life of pets in your area, and forge meaningful relationships with their owners. Like barbershops of old, locals will come to your Splash and Dash shop to get service they can trust, from people they know and enjoy.

If you want to have daily positive interactions with people in your area, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of pets and their owners, Splash and Dash is a great franchising opportunity for you!

We touched on our low startup costs on this page, but if you’d like more detail, click ‘Next Step’ below…

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