Who Makes a Good SD Franchisee?

Experience is not necessary, but passion is!

For your sake, and for ours, we want to work with franchise owners that are set for success, that have the skills, values, and passion required to thrive with a Splash and Dash pet franchise.

The Splash and Dash Franchisee

Do You Have the Following Traits?

  • Passion –Do you care about starting a franchise, growing a business, and constantly improving your revenue streams and business practices? Or, are you passionate about helping animals thrive?

  • Drive – Are you willing to put in the work necessary to turn our low-cost franchise opportunity into a profitable business? Are you the kind of accomplisher who is self-motivated towards improvement? We’ll help you make the process go smoothly, but you’ll still need the determination to see it through.

  • Experience – Do you have any experience in pet retail either at a pet grooming store or selling dog grooming supplies? If you haven’t worked with animals, have you ever owned a franchise or personal business?

  • Teachability – Do you adapt well to new systems, and are you open to filling in any gaps in your experience with our valuable training?

  • Sociability – Are you community-minded, and do you enjoy interacting with new customers? Will you be comfortable creating lasting and meaningful connections with customers in your community?

  • Loyalty – Are you willing to follow the franchise rules that we put in place to ensure that our brand is protected across the globe?

While all of the traits above are important for a pet franchise owner, we’ve found that our most successful franchise owners are most dedicated to developing and managing an efficient business. As better managers, they also tend to provide pet grooming supplies and services that their customers love.

That’s why every Splash and Dash franchise owner becomes an ambassador for our brand. The more dedicated you are to your own storefront, the more benefit your fellow franchise owners will receive.

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