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Cultivate Success in Your Pet Food Franchise

You’ve taken a huge step on opening your own pet food franchise. Opening a store is a daunting task with a lot of hard work and perseverance put into it. Once it’s open, the hard work doesn’t cease, but it does shift. To heighten the chance of success, think about adding some of these things to your daily routine as you run your pet supply franchise.

1. Know Your Store and Customer

As you planned your pet food franchise, you should have created a business plan which included what you consider to be the core values of your pet store. Consider who your target customer is. Are you high end, luxury, organic, wet, dry, treat-based, or bakery? Having a clear vision of who you and your customers are will assist in giving you a vision and a direction for your pet supply store overall.

2. Set a Routine

Write a daily routine that you will stick with as you come into your pet food franchise every day. Make it tentative so if something comes up, you do have a bit of flexibility. Remember to write a special block of time aside to tackle the harder problems every week. You will want different routines for different jobs as you, the cashiers, and the groomers will all have different needs in your pet supply franchise.

3. Be the Boss

It sounds like a given, but as you run your pet food franchise, especially if it’s your first time in a management or leadership position, it can be hard to recognize that you are end-all boss. When problems or questions arise in your pet supply franchise, be as direct as you can. A Wishy-washy leader not only takes longer to make decisions, but can suck the confidence and respect out of their employees. Remain confident, think of what is best in the terms of everyone, but make a decision and stick to it.

4. Go Home and Stop

Once you open a pet food franchise, it can be really easy to get caught up in working. You might be obsessed with it for the first few months to the point that even on your ‘days off’ you’re thinking or working or even checking up on it. An important part of cultivating success is to remember to take a break. You have hired competent people. They will call you if there is a problem or your store is closed today all together. Just let it sit, put it in the back of your mind, and have a relaxing day with your friends, family, or self. If you stress about it all weekend, you will begin to dread it. Your pet supply franchise can last a day or two without you—especially if it’s closed, so take your time, recuperate, then come back feeling refreshed.