The Hidden Gem of the Franchise World

When you think about wanting to own your own business and be your own boss, you have two options: to either start your own business or buy a franchise. Starting your own business can be expensive and there is no guarantee that it will be successful. The neat thing about most franchises is that they’re already successful. Statistics show that franchises have a much better chance of success than independent start-up businesses. There is one franchise in particular that is always profitable, the pet industry! Pet owners love their pets and spoil them to death, making the pet industry the hidden gem of the franchise world.

Did you Know..

The pet industry reached a turning point for the better in 2020, with total sales of $103.6 billion, a historic high, according to the American Pet Products Association. That marks an increase of 6.7% over 2019 retail sales of $97.1 billion.Even during a pandemic, the pet industry is thriving. How many other industries can say they’re thriving during a pandemic?! Many businesses are struggling or have closed their doors for good as the pandemic continues, but not pet store franchises. 

A pet store franchise is one of the safest and most profitable investments, and here’s why: 2 out of 3 households have pets, the adoption centers are empty and there is now such a thing as a “ pet influencer” on social media. It’s safe to say pets are always a commodity. Pet owners are keeping the pet industry super busy and super profitable. From grooming appointments to buying toys and treats, pet groomerie and boutique franchises are constantly busy.


Why a Franchise?

Owning a franchise allows you to be your own boss. There is a low failure rate when you invest in a franchise, because you are buying an established concept that has already been successful. Starting your own business isn’t as glamorous as it may seem.There’s no playbook to guide you, no one to tell you if what you’re doing is right or wrong. It can also be very expensive to start your own business, Many entrepreneurs may not get a salary for years. That is a lot of missed wages. If the business doesn’t work out, it could all be for nothing. Statistics show that franchises have a better chance of success than independent start-up businesses. So, why try to start a brand new business when you can find a model that’s already working successfully? 


love animals

Do you LOVE Pets?

Do you have to be a dog/pet lover to own a pet franchise? The simple answer is, yes. The most successful pet store franchisees are in love with dogs. This isn’t a skill that can be taught, however it is one needed to be truly successful in the pet franchise industry. No matter how much franchise training you complete, you need to be passionate about animals. If you are a pet owner and are looking for a career that you absolutely love then a pet franchise is the type of business you should definitely own. If you do what you love, youll never work a day in your life.


What’s the Best Pet Franchise to Invest in?

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is one of the most unique and fastest growing pet franchises today. Splash and Dash’s impressive growth has been recognized by the Inc 5000, not once, not twice, but three times! 


best pet franchise to invest in


Splash and Dash offers a unique training program for new franchisee’s, Splash and Dash University. Offering a training program for new pet franchise owners makes the whole experience more enjoyable and less stressful. At Splash and Dash University you learn everything that there is to know about owning and operating a pet franchise. The owner of Splash and Dash, Dan J. Barton,  personally walks you through every step of the process and teaches the University courses himself.  


Splash and Dash is now offering “ Routine Care Memberships,” starting as low as $39.95 per month. Introducing three new Routine Care Memberships, they allow you to choose how often you’d like to come in for a bath and brush: once a month, once a week or an unlimited amount of times! With each one of the Splash and Dash’s Memberships, you save up to 15% on retail, grooming and spa services. Also, enjoy a complimentary 6 point wellness check, sent directly to your phone, after every routine care visit! These convenient features are part of the perks of being a part of one of our Routine Care Memberships.  Splash and Dash also offers grooming and spa add on services, natural pet treats and toys. 


Why Pet Franchises are The Safest Investment in 2019

Did you know that nearly half of the households in the United States have dogs inside of them? That’s an estimated 90 million four-legged friends that are running around the house barking at the neighbors as we speak. When you tell the average person that statistic it sounds like a fun fact, however, when you tell an entrepreneur that half of American households have dogs inside them, they see money signs pop outside of their eyeballs.

Based on these statistics, it’s not surprising to see pet-related businesses have been popping up left, right and center over the past decade, and many of these have emerged into the world of franchising. From pet sitting and dog walking to animal grooming, there’s a business out there to cater for the need and whim of every four-legged friend in America.

I guess you could say that the statistics really do “bark” for themselves. But what is it particularly that makes the world of animal services so attractive for both franchisors and would-be franchisees?

Why the Pet Industry is the Safest Investment

An important element to a safe investment is scalability and teachability, especially from the franchise standpoint. The beauty of most pet-related businesses is that they are simple and straightforward enough to be replicated by another person in any type of geographical area. This is why pet franchises are so popular, why start a brand new business when you can find a model that’s already working successfully? A new dog grooming franchise can be fully staffed and trained within 6 months time.

Franchisees can begin to be profitable in absolutely no time, this is why franchising can be a win-win situation for both franchisor and franchisee.

dog grooming franchises

The nature of a pet-related business also means that it’s unlikely to be significantly affected by regional or geographic variations, making it a model that is likely to be suitable for expansion on a significant scale if all other elements for success are present and correct.

The pet industry also has the numbers to back all of this up, did you know that the pet industry is recession proof? 92% of pet owners spent the same or more on their pets during the most recent recession period, according to Forbes. This means that the $80 billion dollar industry keeps on giving, no matter if it’s the recession or a thriving economy, the pet industry is always profitable.

Do you Need to Love Animals?

Passion for animals is definitely an important factor when looking to invest hard earned cash into a business model in a sector such as the pet industry. Many people will join a dog franchise based off their passion alone, not to mention the $80 billion dollar pet industry which makes it that much more appealing. A pet franchise allows the opportunity to build a business around a love for animals, and allows animal lovers to bring their pet along to work!

love animalsIf you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. This is something that many people rely on when they follow their dreams of owning a pet business. Nothing is more enjoyable than going to work everyday enjoying what you do.

Many people join the pet industry on this love and passion alone, and when passion meets entrepreneurship, magical things happen. Every single year more and more people are looking for flexible working opportunities and opportunities where they can work from home and choose the hours that they work.

Many of the pet franchises available allow the franchisee to operate the business from a home office – where you can work with your own cat or dog curled up at your feet!

What’s the Best Pet Franchise to Invest in?

One of the most unique and fastest growing pet franchises today is Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique. Splash and Dash’s impressive growth has been recognized by the Inc 5000, not once, not twice, but three times.

best pet franchise to invest in

Splash and Dash is one of the fastest growing franchises in the fastest growing industry. Splash and Dash is revolutionizing the pet industry by offering a “Unlimited Monthly Bath and Brush” membership starting as low as $39.95 per month, allowing pet parents to bring their dogs in as many times as necessary.

For customers, the simple monthly fee keeps their pet care costs affordable and predictable, and franchise owners enjoy steady predictable recurring income and constant “up-sell” opportunities from the high traffic in their store. This is the perfect business model for entrepreneurs because it brings tons of foot traffic to your brick and mortar store and has so much more potential for growth.

Multiple revenue streams that are build in to the business model, from the dog wash and grooming, to the organic and natural pet treats and toys, Splash and Dash is ahead of the competition. To see all of what Splash and Dash has to offer, download the free franchise report below.

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