How Much Money Can I Make?

As Much as You Want

If you’re like most of the incredible people who have taken advantage our low cost franchise opportunity, profitability is probably very important to you. We understand. Just because you want to work with pets, doesn’t mean you’re not concerned about running a sustainable and profitable business. That’s why we’ve designed every aspect of the Splash and Dash business model to provide you with a money-making opportunity from the moment you open your doors.

Our business model works especially well in the hands of an experienced and driven business owner, but it can also provide a great starting point for someone who doesn’t have experience with marketing, management, or any other aspect of business ownership.

We provide you with experienced professionals who can teach you the skills that you need to take your revenues to incredible heights.

Numbers Breakdowns

How You’ll Earn

  1. Use your sales and people skills to sell our high-quality dog grooming supplies. Frequent visits from customers will make it easy to add revenue with daily sales.
  2. Take advantage of stable membership-based recurring revenue from our Bath and Brush membership deals to become the go-to pet grooming store in your area.
  3. Upsell your customers on pet-pampering spa services. People love to “treat” their pets.

While we can’t promise you a set amount of revenue, we can say that our most successful franchise owners display the most personal initiative. If you’re the kind of person who is always pushing yourself to reach new goals, you’ll love your Splash and Dash franchise. Our franchise opportunity delivers you the brand recognition you need to succeed from the start, but your effort will pull in the profits.

The sky's the limit!

How You’ll Scale

Once you feel that you’ve taken your first location to the limits of its profit potential, we’ll make it easy to expand to other locations. If you’re the driven type of entrepreneur who is always looking for the next step of growth, Splash and Dash allows you to exponentially increase your revenue as you add multiple locations.

Or, if you’re ambitious enough and experienced enough to manage multiple locations from the start, talk to us about starting with a multi-unit deal. Multi-unit options can be a great opportunity for those who don’t just want to enter the market, but want to dominate the market in their area. With multiple units in your area, you can boost brand recognition, increase hype, serve more customers, and ultimately bring in more revenue.

A Franchising Option for Every Owner

While most of the franchise owners we work with love the challenge of building their revenue with multiple locations, we also work with incredible franchise partners who just want to own one location where they can build strong relationships with their customers and staff. Whatever your aspiration, Splash and Dash provides you with the tools and brand recognition that you need to start strong. The market is primed, our services are unique, and our franchise owners are dedicated. If you run a phenomenal franchise, you’ll see phenomenal results!

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Download our Free Franchise Report

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Splash and Dash franchisees are required to have a minimum of $200,000 in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $500,000. Please do not request information unless you meet both of these requirements. Thank you.