What is Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique?

Big Box Profits in a Mom and Pop Package

When Splash and Dash was founded in 2009, Dan Barton (the founder) had a vision for a profitable pet business that would provide an incredible steady income by offering customers a totally new experience.

He wanted his customers to feel like family, and their pets to feel like royalty. Why? Because he owned a dog himself, and he often found himself wishing for a better experience at pet stores. He loved to pamper his Yorkie Mercedes, but didn’t like dropping her off for a bath at the local big box store. It just felt too… industrial. It didn’t feel right to leave a loved family member in the care of a 17 year old boy with acne and a bad attitude.

Meet Mercedes!

So Dan started his own business. He took a completely new approach to selling services. Rather than charge flat rates for pet treatments, he decided to start bringing in recurring revenue with monthly memberships. Pet parents could bring in their pets for pampering as they pleased.

Today, we have locations across the United States and Australia. We have made the INC 500 list for the last two years and have been recognized as one of the fastest growing franchises sweeping the country.

So what makes Splash and Dash so incredible for customers? Why are our franchises having so much success? It’s simple…

Customer Interaction

Unlike most big box pet stores that might see their customers for a few minutes every few months, Splash and Dash provides affordable monthly membership options that keep their customers coming back for more.

Customers love it because they can keep their dog smelling clean and fresh without breaking the bank. Franchise owners love it because they earn predictable incomes and get to interact with their customers on a daily basis.

Our franchises are more than just an economic exchange. They provide a chance for pet lovers to connect, and for pets to be treated with care and showered in luxury.

We keep our pets and their parents happy by…

  • Using high end products and top-quality services that pets love.
  • Saving pet parents money on frequent bathing expenses.
  • Saving pet owners the trouble and inconvenience of washing, shampooing, and drying their pets multiple times per month.
  • Providing pet owners with valuable education that they can use to improve their pet’s quality of life.
  • And more!

Think of us as the Starbucks of the pet industry. There’s at least one Starbucks in every city in the U.S. (we want to match that), but that doesn’t make the Starbucks experience cold and meaningless.

You drink Starbucks coffee because it allows you to start your morning in a hip environment, with interesting people, and to drink a high quality product.

At Splash and Dash, we take a similar approach. Though we have multiple locations across the country, and the potential for franchise revenue is huge, our shops still operate like mom and pops. We serve our better (furrier) halves, but our success comes from good people who care about their communities and neighbors.

Play Dirty, Live Clean

Our motto is… Play Dirty. Live Clean.

We fulfill that motto with our signature bath memberships, which allow pet owners to bring in their pets for a bath and brush as often as they want.

We then offer high-end products that pet parents can trust and high quality health-boosting foods.

With Splash and Dash, pet owners can let their pets have fun and stay healthy at the same time.

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