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Pet Franchise vs. Pet Store Franchise – What’s the Difference?

Some people say a pet franchise is the same as a pet store franchise and use the words interchangeably. While these two words may have the same meaning, there are key differences from our perspective. Here are the differences we see between the terms pet franchise and pet store franchise.


Pet Store Franchise- What Does it Mean?

Peachtree_01A pet store franchise implies a physical, brick and mortar location. In this location you will find retail and various consumer products. This can range from dog food to pet toys and much more. Along with this, you will generally find dog grooming services.


Here at Splash and Dash we have taken the pet store franchise and turned it into an even more profitable venture by offering a recurring membership. This is perfect for pet parents who want to save money and hassle on dog grooming. Franchisees reap the benefits of recurring revenue, which can give a little more peace of mind when buying a franchise.


Pet Franchise- How This is Different

Now a pet franchise on the other hand could potentially offer all the benefits of a pet store franchise mentioned above. However, without the word store in the title, you do not know if you will have a physical location. This could be an online pet product site. You may even find that this is a dog sitting or dog walking service that is run out of your basement.



Splash and Dash Can be Both

If you find this information to be confusing, it is only more confusing when you realize that Splash and Dash can be considered both a pet franchise and a pet store franchise. This is because we offer everything that you would find in a pet store franchise and then some. We offer a pet taxi and valet services which means customers never have to come into the location.


Our franchise locations have their own store where customers can come for the grooming salon or the boutique. This allows customers to come in for a bath and brush as part of their membership or even just drop by to pick up food and treats for their pet.



At the end of the day, pet store franchise and pet franchise can be used interchangeably. However, you want to make sure you know what you are getting when you look at the franchise. Remember that without seeing the word store in the pet franchise you do not know if you will have a physical location or not.