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Four Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Pet Care Franchise

Valentine’s Day is nearly a twenty billion dollar holiday. 9 in 10 Americans plan on spending $88 on average, according to the National Retail Federation. Providing for customers on this holiday is not solely for florists and jewelers, it is an opportunity for those in the pet care franchise too.   The pet care franchise […]

What Kind of Leader are You? Thermometer or Thermostat?

There are visible patterns that emerge in leadership. Within the pet franchise and beyond there seems to be an observable dichotomy forming between thermostat leaders and thermometer leaders. Which one are you?   This question has been relevant since it was first posed to me by a business colleague. Let’s break down the metaphor.   […]

4 Trends Impacting Customer Shopping in 2017

The pet store franchise industry has been increasingly rising in the billions for the past decade. Since 1994, the pet industry has seen a growth of over 269 percent with initial expenditures floating at $17 billion and now reaching over $62 billion. The reasons behind this influx vary.   Of course, more people own pets […]