Why Customers Love Splash and Dash

Want Customers Like This?

At Splash and Dash, we aim to make every customer feel like family. When we treat their pets well, we gain their trust and loyalty. We also provide value in our high quality products, so that pet parents can know they are giving their pets the absolute best. With your help, we can add the pet parents in your area to our list of satisfied customers.

Take a look at this video to see what actual Splash and Dash member think about the company!

Here are a few quotes that sum up what people love about Splash and Dash…

“This is a great program for Daisy, especially because she’s a white dog and the first time you let her out she runs direct for the mud puddles.”

“I’m a flight attendant and my husband’s a pilot. We don’t have a lot of time at home. So taking them once a week is like my special day and they get cleaned. It’s spa day we call it. My spa day and theirs.”

“It’s zero hassle. Absolutely zero hassle. I don’t have to bend over. I don’t have to blow her dry. It’s great. So she may have a bath twice a week, which is not the norm, but just the convenience and the fact that I have that ability to do that with Splash and Dash. You know that one membership fee and I can bring her in whenever through the month and it’s great.”

“I was taking Bo to somewhere else and I was paying for one time what I pay a month (with Splash and Dash).”

Need more proof? Here’s some testimonials from customers all across the country:

Taylor Mathis – McKinney, TX
“I found out after our wonderful trip to the Splash N Dash salon, that they were UNBELIEVABLY busy that day. The staff did an amazing job of keeping the experience calm and easy for both my pup and myself. Typically, my pup hates baths/going to the groomers and is a little on edge when I pick her up. She was not only at ease, but was actually excited and still happy to see her groomer! The staff at Splash N Dash McKinney changed pur views on grooming and I will never return to “big box store” groomers. Thank you!”

Chris Santiago – Monroe, NY
“This place used to be great, now it’s outstanding! And the process of scheduling and picking them up couldn’t be easier!”

Tina Gabrieian – Point Loma, CA
“I would never go anywhere else and always will take all my dogs here to get groomed. The gentleman also helped me pick out an appropriate collar and lead for my newest rescue and he was very knowledgable. I’ll also start buying our dog food, Natural Balance, from here instead of Petco. Thanks guys and see you soon!”

If you’d like to own a business with this kind of positive brand recognition, we’d love to help you build a successful franchise!

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