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5 Unexpected Lessons Learned from Opening a Pet Franchise

So you just opened your very first pet franchise—or maybe you are considering opening one in the near future. Whichever it is, opening a business is not just about making money, but owning your business will also teach you unexpected lessons that you will be able to carry with you outside the business door. When you open a pet store franchise, here are a few of those unexpected lessons:

1. About Yourself

Opening a pet store franchise will push you to your limits. You may try things you have never tried or you will be faced with situations that you never thought about. There is a pride that comes with opening your own pet franchise and you will feel your confidence growing. You will feel a certain level of clarity as things come together. You will unlock your purpose—and you might not have imagined that pet stores were that purpose until this very moment. You will go through a personal evolution, becoming wise and, more curious—you will discover who you are and question life again because you are enjoying it.

2. Business Management

Oddly enough, you do not have to have previous management experience to open a pet franchise. As you begin the journey, Splash and Dash Groomier and Boutique will actually give you all the tools you need to lean business management and open your own location. This is an invaluable skill that can come in handy when it comes to other parts of life. You will be more alert, you will understand how other businesses operate, and you will learn how to make money.

3. Priorities

Business management in a pet franchise means prioritizing. You will learn how to manage time, set goals, make goals, and complete a multitude of tasks in a timely manner.

4. Animals

It might seem silly to open a pet franchise without knowing the ins and outs of animals, but you don’t have to know everything to start. As your business grows, you will become curious and you will learn things about animals that you never thought about. You will learn about animal diversity, personalities, family dynamics, species specific information, and even dietary information.

5. People Skills

As the owner of a pet franchise, you will be your own boss, hire who you want, and work with the public. Daily you will be faced with hundreds of different kinds of people every day. You will learn how to talk to those people which will help you not only from a business perspective, but with your family and friends as well.