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5 Lessons You Learn in Your First Year in a Pet Franchise

pet franchiseStarting a pet franchise is a hefty project and while you are opening the shop there are so many things to learn from, business management to hiring, product, and store design. After you open your store, you may think the learning is in the past, but you will actually learn some of your most valuable lessons during the first year after opening.

1. Listen to the Feedback, But Take Everything Lightly

Whether it’s good, bad, get a haircut, the number one lesson to learn during your first year with a pet franchise is listen to what people tell you. You might not think it is a good idea, but that’s fine. Just listen. You may be surprised that some people actually have good responses or you may be inspired.

2. You Can’t Please Everyone

You will almost certainly start out your pet franchise thinking of the customer and their needs. Your expectations will be sky high, but you may think they are normal. Don’t worry about pleasing every single person that walks into your business or that if you do not please everyone, you are a failure because that is not the case. Remember the phrase: “Try to please everyone, please no one.”

3. Be Kinder to Yourself

If you happen to go through something tough, a customer or employee who may be angry at your pet franchise, don’t tear yourself down. Being kind to yourself can affect not only your mood, but your emotional and physical health as well. There is no failing, there are only growth opportunities.

4. Finances are Important

You have just opened your dream pet franchise and it is exciting. You want to do everything, be everything and have the best, but the only way you will be able to stay open is if you have the ability to continue to fund your dream. This is what financial planning and budgeting are designed to do. Make sure you not only have a plan for the funds for your business but also that you follow through on the plan.

5. Don’t Rush

You have dozens of ideas for your pet franchise: don’t worry about trying to make everything happen at once. Just focus on following the plan laid out by your franchisor to bring you the success you want. Trying to look to far ahead for your business can keep you from focusing on where you currently are.