Pet Grooming 101 I The Tools and Supplies You Need

One of the most important parts of taking care of a dog is getting them groomed adequately. Grooming meets their essential needs. Much of a dog’s health is reliant on tending to coat, nails, and oral hygiene regularly. This physical maintenance can save pet owners money by giving preventative care that could stop costly visits to vet’s office in its tracks. Regular grooming also keeps dog’s content—feeling relaxed and clean. Equally as important as the dog spa you choose is the pet grooming supplies they use.

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and hair types. Using the right pet grooming supplies and equipment ensures that pets are kept safe. Overheated razors can accidentally burn a dog and using a wrong-sized blade for a particular trimming increases the likelihood of inadvertent snipping. Using quality equipment will also help the final product of a pet’s haircut look professional.

This article will show pet groomers and pet owners alike the industry standard tools and what we like to use in Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique shops.

Pet Clippers & Blades

Our own Jaime Meyer who owns the Splash and Dash Coppell, Texas location provides some of her insights into the pet grooming supplies her groomers use. At her location, they use the Andis AG 2-Speed or above. What makes these clippers great is that they don’t run hot and operate at low-volume. This makes working with more timid clients much easier.

The Andis AG-2 clipper has two speeds—27000 and 3400 strokes per minute. The 4X4 motor powers the heavy-duty clipper through sessions. Also nice, is that the clipper is compatible with multiple detachable blades which are quickly interchanged. The blades the Texas team uses are Wahl Professional Animal Competition Series Blades. The teeth of the blades are slightly curved allowing fur to slide into the blade like butter. This is great for precision!

Andis, Oster, Aesculap, and Wahl clippers and blades are the most recognized and popular tools in the repertoire of pet grooming supplies.

Brushes, Shears, & Nail Clippers

Brushes are one of the most important tools for pet groomers. During the whole grooming process, constant brushing helps guarantee matts do not get stuck under the blade and there is less resistance while trimming. Without brushing, grooming will be an uncomfortable experience for a dog. There are various styles of brushes including bristle, wire pin, slicker, and rake brushes.

At the Coppell, location groomers use the Miracle Care Pet Slicker Brush. The brush can be used for dogs with single and double coats and will effectively remove burrs and matts. The soft padding and flexible pins make for a gentle brushing that will not irritate a pet’s skin. The ergonomic handle is easy to grip and prevents slipping.

Another tool used is the Les Pooch Mat Zapper. This is a detangling tool that is used for pesky isolated matts. The bristle pad can sift through matted hair in ’emergency’ situations. The Mat Zapper gently lifts hair from its knotted position without harming a client. This is one of the best grooming supplies for dogs with thick wiry coats like Poodles, Irish Terriers, or Yorkshire Terriers.

For shears, Coppell will use curved, straight, and thinned sets as long as they are not sharpened. Depending on your grooming technique, and client, will determine what style of shear you will want to use. Thinning shears are used to blend different textures and lengths of hair into each other and remove excess bulk.

Some popular brands are:

  • Aesculap
  • Cherrybrook
  • Dubl
  • Millers Forge
  • Hauptner

Jaime’s team uses Millers Forge Quality nail clipper which is durable enough to safely clip large and small breeds’ nails. Having sturdy nail clippers is important. Groomers do not want to hit the quick and make doggie client unintentionally bleed.

All-Natural Pet Shampoo and Conditioners

An honest pet spa should never hide the ingredient lists of their shampoos and when it comes to your pets, transparency is key! Synthetic preservatives, dyes, and artificial foaming agents are not good for your dog’s coat and skin.

At Splash and Dash, all our luxury treatment shampoos and conditioners are handcrafted from the finest all-natural ingredients.

Shampoo & Facial Treatments:

  • Fabulous Fur Facial
  • Fido’s Favorite Fix the Itch
  • Funk-B-Gone
  • Parched Pooch
  • Yucky Pooch
  • Yucky Puppy
  • Shed No More
  • Pink Berry Facial

Aromatherapy Shampoo Treatments:

  • Relax—Canary Islands Lavender & Soothing Chamomile
  • Renew—Lily Zeal & Moroccan Argan
  • Energy—Energizing Ginger & Orange Blossom
  • Hydrate—Coconut, Cucumber, and Green Tea

Leave In Or Wash out Conditioner

  • Nourish—Hypoallergenic & Vitamin Enhanced

Popular Pet Grooming Supplies Wholesalers

Splash and Dash visits the Global Pet Expo annually to facilitate our shop owners handpicking their inventory and pet grooming supplies. The company also helps keep inventories stocked and supports equipment renewal.

Independent pet groomers can use a variety of wholesalers to get all the pet grooming supplies they need. PetEdge offers anything a pet grooming store would need and orders over $550 are free. Groomer’s Choice is another popular wholesaler who offers financing to help a business grow.

Having the top quality pet grooming supplies can make all the difference in your grooming shop!

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