Pet Industry Franchise: Do Not Brush Off Oral Hygiene

A dog’s oral hygiene is a year-round task that contributes directly to a pet’s wellness. Many pet industry franchise experts like Chad Kocur, Pet Edge Director of Product Development, state that “retailers can expect the oral-care category to continue to grow as consumers learn more about the importance of routine dental care.”

“Pet oral care is a significant market segment that pet retailers should look to for potential profit,” Kocur advises the pet industry franchise. “Offering oral care products in your retail store can provide outsized benefits.”

As the pet industry grows the number of products available diversifies and correspondingly expands. This article explores the impacts of dog dentistry within the pet industry franchise.

Dental Disease is Rising

Pet owners are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of neglecting their pet’s oral hygiene. The number of cases of pet dental disease is expanding as this new found awareness circulates.

Since 2006 there has been a rise in the prevalence of dental disease in dogs by 23.3%, according to a Banfield Pet Hospital “State of Pet Health Report 2016.” The prevalence of cat dental disease has also risen by 23.1% in the past ten years.

The report goes on to state that “periodontal disease has been linked to chronic kidney disease,” with “68 percent of cats and 76 percent of dogs” being affected by dental disease since the beginning of Banfield collecting data.

The findings of this report call on the pet industry franchise to help not only disseminate information to pet owners, but also provide ways to combat the problem.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is a place where pet parents can be confident that problems like tooth fractures we’ll be caught before they become problematic. Routine brushing and preventative care are what our dog groomers provide against this rise in pet dental disease.

Increasing Number of Available Products

Expansion in oral hygiene pet products is making it easier for shops in the pet industry franchise to help pet parents. Toys, chews, and even water additives are widely available.

Teeth brushing, like other dog grooming procedures, is best left up to professionals, but there are tons of dental products that can keep a pet’s mouth healthy. Many of these products aid with the at-home dental care that pet owners can administer themselves.

“There’s likely more than a few guilt-ridden parents who strive to brush their pet’s teeth at least thrice a week, but fall short of that goal,”  Kocur tells the pet industry franchise. “That’s why we work year-round to develop products to make dental care as easy as possible. We carry a wide assortment of dental  products for pets, offering consumers choices to meet their individual preferences and goals.”

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental gels are the most common dental products ordered from Pet Edge. The company’s most popular items are the peppermint-flavored Top Performance ProDental Disposable Finger Wipes. The company also offers a water additive that whitens and breaks down plaque. A spray is also available that requires no rinsing. These products are part of Pet Edge’s ‘Top Performance ProDental Solution’ line.

Of course, these aren’t the only dental care products available on the market. The pet industry franchise has a wide assortment of manufacturers to choose from.

Make the Best Selection of Your Shelves

Dr. Taylor Truitt, Medical Director of The Vet Set, advises retailers to stock their inventory with effective products for cats. Cats are much more finicky about their oral hygiene than dogs and are thus used as the model to provide dental care products.

“With cats, it’s all about how you can get the product into the cat and have everyone survive the experience,” Dr. Truitt said. “If the cat  doesn’t want to accept something, it’s not going to happen.”

To avoid the unpleasantness of fighting with your pet for their oral hygiene, Dr. Truitt suggests Oratene water additives for support with at-home dental care. Dr. Truitt does point out that if an animal builds up a tolerance to various dog grooming like teeth brushing at an early age, the animal will be acclimated to the process, and will not be as temperamental.

To ensure your customer is getting the most effective products, Dr. Truitt advises providing customers with something they can use every day.

Dr. Truitt recommends that the pet industry franchise look for products that have the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) seal of approval. The VOHC is a board of veterinary dentists that test products and recommend the ones best for maintaining good oral care.

Pet Industry Franchise Options: Doggie Dental

For both dogs and cats, Dr. Truitt suggests Greenies Chews as a supplementary oral hygiene product. The doctor stresses supplementary in this products case because the chews alone cannot replace brushing. This applies for all dental chews. Brushing is still the most effective way to stop dental disease.

Another type of water additive pet owners might be interested in is BREATH-LESS Plaque-Zapper by ArkNaturals.  The formula “helps neutralize the pH level of saliva, deter the growth of bacteria, and control plaque, tartar, and bad breath,” which is posted on the manufacturer’s website.

Another product Dr. Truitt recommends is Petsmile, a VOHC approved toothpaste. The London broil flavored paste “is clinically proven to remove and inhibit plaque, and no toothbrush is needed. Instead, the toothpaste is applied either by finger or by an  Applicator Swab. Activated by saliva, the formula is put to work by your  dog licking the paste around in its mouth.”

There is a large number of pet oral care products to choose from so do your due diligence in research before selecting, but many pet industry franchise experts agree on these products and brands.


Oral Hygiene Products and Manufacturers:

  • Fido Naturals Doozie Bone
  • Barkworthies chews
  • Natural Balance Dental Chews
  • BREATH-LESS Chewable Brushless-Toothpaste from ArkNaturals
  • SmartBones Dental Formula Chews
  • Merrick’s Brush Bones.  
  • Fresh Smileezz by Emerald Pet
  • WHIMZEES by Paragon Pet Products  
  • DentaDish
  • TropiClean


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