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Pet Grooming and Boutique Franchises Available to Open in 2015

Pet grooming boutiques have become very popular throughout the United States. While some have noticed the proliferation of “doggie daycare” or pet boarding companies it is important to understand that a dog grooming boutique is different than a doggie daycare. A doggie daycare is exactly what it says which is a place where pet owners take their pet for a day or board them for multiple days. A pet groomerie boutique is a place in which franchise owners offer a one time service and they do not have to entertain a dog or pets over the course of the entire day. When looking to make money in the pet industry it is very important to research what type of franchise is right for you. For more information on Splash and Dash for Dogs please contact us at 1-760-861-1071. We will be more than happy to lay out the details to start your pet store franchise in early 2015.

When Can a Franchise Open for Business?

One of the most common questions we get is “how long will it take to open my business?” It is extremely important to understand that preparation is key with any type of business. For this reason, we work very hard to build a marketing plan and establish a location. This can take 90 to 180 days depending on the location of your franchise. When all is said and done it is worth it to prepare for the opening rather than trying to rush things. By rushing into a store opening we would lose the opportunities to properly market and go over all the details of the store.

If you have the desire to open a pet franchise in January, February or March of 2015 it is suggested that you get started today. Reach out to us at 1-760-861-1071 and we will start the application process. Once we get through the initial steps of the application process, you meet with Dan J. Barton and we get all the specifics cleared away we will be able to start getting the ball rolling to open the business in early 2015.

Financing a Pet Store Franchise

While the time it takes to open a pet store franchise is a common question another question we get is “how can I franchise a pet store?” The cost of opening a franchise can be quite high with some fitness facilities being over $250,000 just to start. At Splash and Dash, we have created a very affordable business model that will allow business owners to get started with a franchise for under $75,000.

We have also created resources to help those looking to take out a small business franchise loan. Here are some options:

Remember that we at Splash and Dash do not determine the interest rate on the money borrowed. The interest rate will be determined by the bank or lending institution that is lending the money. A credit score, borrowing history and debt to equity ratio often determines the interest for for money borrowed from a lender. If you would like more local community bank opportunities we strongly suggest utilizing the FDIC website.

Location of a Pet Grooming Business

Location, location, location. We have heard it time and again and it is extremely important when it comes to a new business opening up. Major retailers pay a premium for a corner location that will get plenty of foot traffic. Fortunately, our corporate team will be willing to help you find the location that is best for your business. If you start out in the correct location it could go a very long way to producing a monthly profit.

There are plenty of locations throughout the United States that are ripe for a pet grooming business or a dog boutique. If you are looking to get your pet store franchise up in running in early 2015 give us a call now.