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FIve Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Pet Franchises

If you’re worried about the productivity and happiness of the franchisees and employees of your pet franchises, there are a few ways to ensure that your franchises are more productive. When it comes to motivating and creating the results franchisors want to see, they often fall short by making efforts that actually provide the opposite results. In order to create a better company in the pet industry, consider some of the following:

1. Inspire Your Team Rather Than Guilt or Nag

When bosses or franchisors aren’t seeing the results they want, it’s not rare for them to nag, yell at, or guilt their subordinates about the lack of results. Instead of doing this with your pet franchises, consider inspiring and encouraging them instead. The saying, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar’ remains true even in business with your subordinates.

2. Identify Problems and Aim to Correct Them

For your pet franchises to operate to their best capacity, you will have to pay attention to any problems in the system, work to identify them immediately, and solve them as quickly as possible. While you want to be fast, you also want to be accurate. There’s nothing more frustrating to franchisors and franchisees alike than to spend time-solving a problem only for it to continually pop up again and again.

3.    Focus on the Team-Win

Whether you’re looking to change your marketing plans, create new products, or you’re problem-solving something else altogether, look out for everybody’s win instead of just your own. Your pet franchises will be much happier places if they’re taken care of by people who know you’re looking out for everybody’s benefit instead of just your own. In fact, if you look out for the team, you will also garner more power, support, and initiate teamwork between your franchises.

4.    Challenge the Pet Franchises Standards

Of course, you want to do this in a good way. Imagine for a second that the owner of one of your pet franchises brings a problem to your attention and the only reason you haven’t done anything about it before is because of some rule you or the previous franchisor made at the inception of the pet franchise. Challenge yourself and your company regularly in order to improve operations, systems, safety, and products. Exercise caution so you do not mess up your franchisees further as you test around, but as you problem solve and show you make mistakes and don’t mind correcting them, you will instill a new level of confidence in your company overall.

5. Be Courageous and Trust Yourself

When you make a big decision or change in your company, you may begin to second guess yourself. Changes are hard to make, especially when they could change the course of your pet franchises everywhere. However, taking your time to think through the decision and then sticking to it with courage is a great way to enable success and gather the support of your franchisees or employees. If you find that your idea is not working out the way you thought, that’s alright and you can change your direction, but you should never continue with a plan you know is failing, panic, or appear fearful to your employees even in the worst of times.