Pet Store Franchises

4 Surprising Pet Store Franchises Options in 2015

When thinking of owning a pet store franchise, the usual elements of a store come to mind. Shelves marked with product like toys, leashes, collars, beds, treats, and food or maybe you think of dog hotel, doggy day care, or grooming. 2014 was a year of innovation for the pet store franchise sector. If you want to be your own boss with an innovative concept, here are a few options you can choose from.

1. Cat Café

cat caffeeIn October of 2014, Montreal opened its first two cat cafés ever. In mid-December, New York did the same. The owners of the cat cafés have paired up with animal rescues in their town to supply their locations with cats. They allow people to come in by appointment or walk-in, and spend time with the cats; play with them, feed them, or just relax together and if a deep bond happens to form between human and cat. They are allowed to adopt the cat. The downside to this pet store franchise is that there are limited opportunities and it is still not common enough to make it lucrative in many markets.

2. Doggie Daycare

pet daycareMost pet parents have to leave their pets home when they go to work. Many of these people do not like to crate their pets while they are gone but also don’t like the idea of leaving them alone. They would prefer their pets run, play, and socialize. Doggie day care solves this dilemma. The downside of these pet store franchises is that it the startup and maintenance costs are significantly higher than most other franchise opportunities within the pet market.

3. Obedience / Pet Training

pet traningPet store franchises aren’t all about selling a product. Pet trainers are high in demand because there are so just so many people that do not know how to speak the language of barking. Depending on the level of expertise, you could not only teach basic commands, but obstacle courses, obedience, or other professional pet sports.

4. Specialized Store

pet store franchiseSpecialized pet store franchises can offer many different products and services. There are dog bakeries, waste removal services and much more. A great example of this is with Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique. At first glance this may seem like your run-of-the-mill dog grooming salon, it actually has much more to offer customers. There is a signature bath membership that allows customers to bring in pets as much as they want for one low rate. The boutique in these pet store franchises even offers high quality pet products that customers love, including food, accessories and furniture.

Americans spend more than $30 million dollars on pet supplies every year. With so many options, don’t wait another second to capitalize on this market and open your own pet store franchises.