Why Splash and Dash is the Best Franchise Opportunity

There are dozens of business-savvy and personal reasons why many are ditching the monotony of the American Corporate world and finding their dream careers in franchising. One of the most popular and lucrative options for investors is the pet franchise—arguably the best franchise opportunity.


The pet franchise is booming in U.S. expenditure, growing 45 percent since the 2008 recession making the sector irrefutably recession-proof. Franchising has also shattered the glass ceiling. Many women and minorities have found huge success in franchising without the inhibitions of corporate ladders. Owning your own small business means becoming your own boss and answering only to yourself.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique

We feel the best reason many are exploring the pet franchise is they are finding the passion they have been craving. Knowing you make a beneficial impact on your community, own a business you are proud of, and rising to the leadership role you know you are capable of are the reasons people take an interest.


As with all franchising, not every franchise option is the same. Many can have unethical business practices that are deceptive or make false promises of success without delivering. Opening a small business in franchising is all about the right fit— finding the best franchise opportunity for you!


This article explores 5 reasons this company shows that we are the best franchise opportunity in the pet franchise sector.

Established Operating Software

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique believes in working on the business, not in it. This philosophy extends to our state of the art terminal software which systematizes all functions of owning a small business.


The company created and perfected back-office software that makes the logistics of running a business an efficient and expedited process for all shop owners. A point of sales, appointment booking, and inventory database and much more are all easily accessible.


Not only are the fundamental back-office actions included, but local marketing campaigns and employee systematization are built in. The unique terminal software offers everything shop owners need to run their business.


The best part is if any shop owner needs something, or has a recommendation, corporate offices will write the software to make this happen. We keep what works and throw out what doesn’t. This is how we work on the business and not in it.

Branding and Marketing

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique makes the claim of being one of the best franchise opportunities. The company has placed in top 500 lists of Forbes and INC. magazine multiple years in a row and has won various awards for our growth rate. More importantly, many of our shop owners partner with their local animal organizations to help make this world more humane.


Our brand is based on an unflinching company culture that strives toward bettering the world. We start at the community level and work from there. Our retail experience is about educating our customers on making the healthiest choices for their pets. Splash and Dash groomers are upheld to both stylize pets and be active in their pet wellness.


Shop owners have the benefit of corporate national marketing campaigns like making media spotlights and unique outbound marketing. Our terminal software automatically maintains positive reviews on social media review sites like Yelp.


Startup Assistance and Business Maintenance

Many of our current shop owners have described the intensive training before their grand opening as “corporate holding their hand the whole way through.” This is a true reflection. Our training programs are a distinguishing attribute that allows the company to boast being the best franchise opportunity.


Training for prospective shop owners begins day one at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique. Both online and on-site training with veteran shop owners is provided. On top of this, a week-long comprehensive workshop called Splash and Dash University will bring future shop owners up to speed on everything they need to know about the pet franchise industry.


Our goal for shop owners is for them to break even on their investment in six months. Unlike some franchises, Splash and Dash wants all our shops to succeed to progress the company holistically.

On-Going Support

There is a family atmosphere within the company. Friendly motivation, monthly meetings with CEO, Dan Barton, and all our resources at a shop owner’s disposal are the professional links to this family.


Many of these positives beg the question, why doesn’t everyone join the Splash and Dash family? Why doesn’t everyone get involved in the best franchise opportunity?


The answer. We look for candidates who are congruous to the company’s work ethic and pet wellness interest. Our shop owners love business just as much as they love animals. We believe in finding the right fit.


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