Start a Franchise: 7 Skills You Want Your Management Team to Have

Polls have shown that companies hire the wrong management team a whopping 82 percent of the time, according to a Gallup Study. The statistic is compelling when compared with engagement rates being equally as low. 72 percent of “U.S. workers are less engaged or actively disengaged in the workplace.” Patterns of workplace contempt like these are why many left corporate America to start a franchise.

50 percent of American workers leave companies because of a disdainful relationship with a direct manager costing businesses $450 billion annually. The freedom of owning a franchise is void when the same unfortunate tropes of corporate America show back up.

To avoid the drawbacks of wrongly promoting or hiring, after you start a franchise, be aware of these five characteristics of strong management. Whether you are currently managing your staff, or have hired a manager, identifying these skills is important for franchise owners.

Great Communication Skills

Managers and leaders need to communicate often to staff, groomers, and customers. Communicating needs to happen frequently, clearly, and effectively.

Shop owners are the face of the company, but when this role is delegated to a manager, they become the face of the company when owners are not behind the counter. Make sure you are confident this person is able to be a representative of yourself.

After you start a franchise, your shop should be moving toward becoming self-sufficient. Recognizing a manager that is great with relaying information, educating customers, and motivating staff is something you will want to keep an eye out for.

Excellent Coaching Skills

There is a big distinction between being able to do something, and being able to teach someone to do it. The hard part is being enthusiastic and motivating while you teach this person. A person with a natural ease for encouragement makes a great professional coach.

Just as with sports, coaches will need to ‘push’ people. Leaders need to be able to share their expertise, techniques, and goals. Productivity and sales goals are important in the pet care franchise and a manager that is able to maintain a positive shop morale while producing great sales figures is a strong asset.

Fortunately for those who decided to start a franchise as a Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique shop owner, the tools coaching-leaders will need are readily available.

Considerable Nurturing Skills

If you’re considering the move to start a franchise in the pet industry please know that nurturing is a huge factor in day-to-day operations. Shop owners and managers will need to have a nurturing mentality and skill-set. Customer’s pets, customers themselves, and your staff all need some form of nurturing.

Leadership requires professional nurturing. Assuming the role of a mentor helps groom employees toward self-sufficiency. Good management systems also require managers and owners to recognize employees work and triumphs.

A person can have proficient technical skills, but if they can’t have a nurturing attitude it might be a disservice to have them lead your shop.

Strong Networking Ability

The role of managing a pet franchise is a very fluid system of tasks. Part of these tasks is being able to network. Networking for Splash and Dash shop owners and managers means networking within the company to other shops, partnering with animal rescue organizations, and becoming versed with local small business owners.

Mark Levy, a shop owner in La Vern California, is part of his local chamber of commerce. Levy is a known figure within the community with strong influence and support. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique owners like Mark are personable and have strong contacts achieved through their networking abilities. Good candidates for managers should mirror this capability.


Without the strength of empathizing, becoming a small business owner and being successful as you start a franchise will be difficult.

Leadership requires seeing viewpoints from multiple perspectives. Attending to customer’s demands that managers be able to be open-minded recognizing a person’s interests, budget, and needs. Without empathy, a leader is lost without direction.

If an employee approaches you with a grievance and a manager doesn’t take the time to understand, this employee will be less trusting and endeared to this manager—loss of engagement. It seems simple, but managers disregard employees every day. Make sure your manager can empathize with employees and customers for a happy and productive shop.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique

When you decide to start a franchise it can be the most exhilarating and life-changing decision you make in life. All of a sudden, you have a career in which you explore your passion. The freedom you have dreamed about is a reality. Success is achieved based on your own merits, and you answer only to yourself.

Honestly, it is not easy. It is not for everyone. But what is discernible is that takes a person who can rise to leadership to be able to be successful once they decide to start a franchise.


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