5 Projected 2017 Trends Influencing Pet Store Franchise Opportunities

The findings of the U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2016-2017 report the widening of pet store franchise opportunities continuing to broaden. Americans are spending more on their pets than ever. Leading research marketing firms like Packaged Facts and American Pet Products Association are stating that U.S. expenditures are reported at $96 billion in the next three years.

56 percent of U.S. households report to own at least one animal. The kinship between human and dog is the main driver for marketplace growth. The bond can be seen in the proliferation of products emerging in the market, franchising allowing marginalized workers to own a small business, and new technologies allowing for more opportunity.

This article synthesizes various reports to discuss how pet store franchise opportunities are gaining prevalence as a lucrative and passionate career choice.

Consumer Purchasing Reflects Pet Kinship

One of the most advantageous cities to explore pet store franchise opportunities is Orlando, Florida. The demographic metrics of the city show strong advantages in entrepreneurship and pet ownership with a business growth rate of 17 percent.

Orlando journalists and business magazines have noted on this. The Orlando Business Journal reported that 71 percent of Orlando residents will spend at least $25 on their pet for the holidays.

Observing top box office Hollywood hits also demonstrates the pet bond. Amblin Entertainment’s A Dog’s Purpose has grossed over $42 million with an $18 million opening day. Hollywood continually invests in making films with the narrative of pet love. This suggests that pet store franchise opportunities research coincides with consumer appeal for filmmaking.


Accessible Marketing Efforts for Tech-Savvy Consumers

According to Packaged Facts, pet owners are significantly more likely to use digital devices and cloud technologies than non-pet owners. 41 percent of pet product buyers use the internet for information on products and pet care.

Pet owners are keen to use social media to broadcast their love for their pets. Dozens of pet celebrity accounts have gained huge traction in internet traffic in the last few years. Celebrities’ pets are almost as famous as their owner counterparts like Cee Lo Green’s cat @PurrfectTheCat and Taylor Swift’s cat @MeredithKitty.

Pet store franchise opportunities marketing relies on a combination of content marketing, native marketing, and brand awareness that boosts sales. This is great news for investors interested in pet store franchise opportunities.

Small Dog Breed Sizes on the Rise

A 2016 survey showed that a considerably higher percentage of U.S. households owned small dogs (under 26 lbs) than medium and larger breeds.

As data is collected, many researchers speculate the reasoning for this is that baby boomers prefer small dogs. The pet care management involved with a small dog is easier and cheaper. Dogs of this size are easier to lift and travel with.

Also, many urban buildings like apartments make it much more convenient to own a small dog.

Population of Senior Dogs Increasing

With compassionate pet care becoming more commonplace, pets are reaching older ages. Pet parents are more willing to purchase healthier foods and take care of veterinary costs.

Pet health insurance has also been steadily rising since 2008 by 13 percent. Medical care for age-related conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and cancer are common.

Pet store franchise opportunities are unaffected by economic plights like The Great Recession. The rise in cost to provide pet care for aging animals is one small factor in showing how the pet franchise is recession-proof.

Premium Pet Foods Lead in Sales

Premium products have higher margins for all pet store franchise opportunities. Carrying and selling these retail products are good for two reasons. They are more cost-effective for both consumers and retailers, and they keep animals healthy.

Since 2015, the number of organic, human-grade, and all-natural manufactured foods parallel trends in the human food system. As America shifts toward preferences for more conscious diet options for pets, the trend continues within pet store franchise opportunities.

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