Four Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Pet Care Franchise

Valentine’s Day is nearly a twenty billion dollar holiday. 9 in 10 Americans plan on spending $88 on average, according to the National Retail Federation. Providing for customers on this holiday is not solely for florists and jewelers, it is an opportunity for those in the pet care franchise too.


The pet care franchise can take advantage of the romance in the air with unique promotions and marketing that appeals to the enamored consumer.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is doing their part for lovers by providing customers with a Valentine’s Day special. On the 14th of February, customers can walk into any shop and treat their pet to a Pawdicure and either facial for only $14.


Yet there are so many fun ways to involve your customers into the romance of the holiday and to increase business. This pet care franchise article will break down 4 easy and sweet ways to show the love on Valentine’s day.


Automated Text Messages Prompting Your Pet Care Franchise


In  2017, everyone is within instant reach of their cell phone and it is reported that the average person responds to a text within 90 seconds of receiving it.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique has the fortune of being able to use terminal software to automate text messages around formulated marketing campaigns. Use this! Emails are still important, but texting has an edge that an email can’t do. It is immediate.


Keep text messages “on brand” for the holiday with romantic wording. Use words like “special someone,” “Cupid’s arrow,” and “sweetheart.”


An example of an automated text message could  read:


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Splash and Dash has a special Off-Fur!  

Feb, 14th we will want to extend the luxury of a Pawdicure and either facial for ONLY $14! Our way of shooting Cupid’s  arrow.  



Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique


Socialize the Love on Social Media


Consider a “Share the Love” giveaway. Formulate your own hashtag that is relevant to your store like #SplashandDashSmooches or #BarksforVday and have customers tag pictures of them with their dogs. Your own pet care franchise shop can have it’s own specific hashtag.


When something is hashtagged, it is cataloged via the hashtag and you can then pick one of your favorites, share it through your own local shop social media, and gift this customer with something special.


This is a fun way to engage your loyal customer base.


Remember, not every customer is full of the roses and champagne sentiment. Cater to the anti-Valentine’s Day audience too! On top of a “Share the Love” giveaway, have your customers post break-up stories on Twitter or Facebook. Pick the funniest story and re-post it with your hashtags.


The more people involved and hashtagging the giveaway hashtag the more free advertisement and promotion your shop receives. The pet care franchise has an advantage of intrinsic cuteness too, so this is always helpful.


Posts will stay relevant on their perspective social media site and engagement will be stronger.

Charity’s Can Always Use Some Love


The pet care franchise sector has amazing opportunities to give back to local shelters, humane organizations, and rescue non-profits.


Team up with a local charity and encourage your customers to participate. You could host a rescue adoption day in your shop, or have proceeds of your Valentine’s promotion go to a charity.


Not only does this have consumer appeal, but it betters your local community—doing something that many pet care franchise owners seek in their shop’s efforts.

Video Engagement


Studies have shown that the most effective engagement is quick and impactful—video.  No matter what strategy you decide to go with in your pet care franchise Valentine’s day marketing campaign, video is one of the best way to publicize your shop.


A quick video showcasing some of your Valentine’s day products, a doggie getting a facial, or details of the event you plan on hosting can reach a massive amount of your clientele. Make sure to include all the details of the $14 Valentine’s day special, and any other sweet marketing tactics you think up.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wants to wish you a happy Valentine’s day that is special for all our two and four-legged lovers!


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