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6 Powerful Ways to Increase Site Traffic for Pet Franchises

Customers and getting traffic into your pet store franchise, but how do you generate more traffic? Here are a few powerful ways to increase your small business’s Facebook following and consumer engagement:


Post Frequently and Engage Readers

Quiet pet franchises have a harder time building a consumer base. When building a Facebook page make posting on it a priority like any other job. It doesn’t have to be anything profound. It could be a status mentioning the weather and asking the customers about it. A status asking about the customer’s about their days, posting random pictures with captions on them that relate back to your business. Like funny images of dogs and cats with pet franchises. Ask open-ended questions and post things that you’d enjoy seeing on your feed that still relate to your business. You’ll be surprised by the responses you get.


Put the Web Address on All Business Cards

When talking about your pet franchises and handing out business cards, it is extremely important the site is listed on all your business cards. This is just another way to get your site out there. While most people will not go to your site from your business card, the small percentage that will make this worth the effort.


Team Up with Other Local Businesses and Have an Event

With pet franchises you have the opportunity to work with local shelters, adoption fairs, and pet fairs. Use these events to get your name out there via word of mouth and business cards.


Operate Multiple Social Media Platforms for Your Pet Franchises

Pet franchises have the opportunity to take advantage of not only Facebook, but Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, etc because the internet loves animals. The large the net, the bigger the catch, so dive on in. If you are using multiple social media platforms, make sure to link them back to your website so your consumers can find it.


Take Advantage of Facebook’s “Boost Post” Ability

Facebook has a few options when it comes to garnering attention from locals. When you make a post for your pet franchise, you have the ability to ‘Boost’ the post for a small fee. This enables the post to be seen higher up on people’s news feed. It gives it a higher chance of being seen by not only people who follow your page, but also those who don’t. Facebook also allows businesses to purchase ads on the right side of the main page which will broadcast on local Facebook pages.


Always Mention You Have A Facebook Page

This is probably the most important out of all of the tips, because if consumers do not even know you have a website, there is zero chance to engage with them, so talk it up.