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Improve Communication in Your Pet Grooming Franchise

When it comes to communications in a pet grooming franchise, one of the biggest problems to arise with communication is the illusion that it actually happened. Between technology, missed connections, and assumption, there are snafu pitfalls everywhere for communication to fail and misunderstandings to become a major problem. With the right forethought and information, you can avoid huge miscommunications and improve the communications overall in your pet grooming franchise and company.

Don’t Assume Voicemails are Heard

It’s strange to think that people don’t take advantage of this technological luxury, but when most people see they have a missed call and voicemail, they don’t actually listen to the voicemail prior to calling back. They simply see the number and call back. Improve communications in your pet grooming franchise by assuming that when someone calls you back after you’ve left a voicemail, they didn’t listen to it.

Communication Seen as a Waste of Time

When you’re dealing with business professionals in your pet grooming franchise, you will want to make sure that you’re cutting straight to the point if that’s what works best with the individual. One of the best ways to induce miscommunication is by commandeering an individual’s ear with useless information so they tune out and stop listening completely. Then anything that you say later on that is of importance is missed entirely because the individual has already turned out.

Grow with Current Technology

If you want to hurt communication in your pet grooming franchise, then you will ignore new technologies as they come up. Technology is generated in order to make things easier whether it’s a new chat program attached to your email, a smartphone app, or something else entirely. Instead of getting on the mindset of ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’, take advantage of your entrepreneurial mind for the cutting edge and include the newest technologies in your pet grooming franchise to increase productivity and communication.

Sending Emails too Quickly

Whether you’re a franchisee, franchisor, business partner, or someone else in a pet grooming franchise, you want to make sure that all of your information is correct and accurate before you send out any emails. Before you send off that email asking for something, make sure to check your inbox and all other sources of communication that you have in order to make sure the information hasn’t already been sent to you if you were told to expect it. When you are sending out an email, you want to keep in mind the tone of the email and the language used in order to maintain professional and direct. Business owners have a lot on their plate, just like you, so don’t waste anyone’s time and check out these email etiquette tips.

Get Rid of the Outdated Technology in Your Pet Grooming Franchise

Fax machines are one of just a handful of outdated devices that still plague offices everywhere, including a pet grooming franchise or two. In order to make communication more efficient, throw out outdated technology like the fax machine and other modes of unnecessary forms of communication. By minimizing the modes of communication, you better minimize the chance that you may miss communication by not checking a certain device or account.