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4 Pet Parent Trends Your Pet Grooming Franchise Should Know

Pet ownership has been on the rise for years and the way people view their pets has been changing as well. This has been good news for the pet industry as well as your pet grooming franchise. Here are a few trends you should know about:


The Perception of Being a “Pet Parent” Has Changed

pet groomingA study done back in 2011 found that 91% of all pet owners considered their pets a part of their family. This is why many people have started referring to themselves a pet parent rather than just a pet owner. Another study done at Massachusetts General Hospital looked at the brains of mothers with pets. They found that mothers had the same responses when they were looking at their pets as they did when looking at their children. This shows that people really do view  their pets as one of their children. This is great news for a pet grooming franchise as you know that people will be willing to spend money on their pets just as they would their own child.


People Quality Food is in Demand with the Pet Grooming Franchise

Another study found that 74% of people share at least one meal a day with their pets. Additionally it found that people are more willing to buy high quality pet food for their pets rather than whatever was on sale at the grocery store. This improved mentality on wellness for dogs has prompted many stores to start offering high quality foods and treats that work with a natural and organic diet.


Pet Parents Want More Grooming  and Professional Styling

pet grooming franchiseBefore this revolution in the way people viewed their pets it was common to bathe your dog at home. Some parents would even leave this task to older children. Today though most people take their dogs into a pet grooming franchise to have their grooming needs met. Not only are these parents willing to pay for a professional bath, but they are more likely to get their pet styled as well.


The Best Doggy Daycare is of Supreme Importance

Just as parents want to find the best daycare and preschools for their child, pet parents want to find the best doggy daycares they can find for their pets. Even just a few years ago, pet parents would jump on whatever doggy day care was available. There are more options now and pet parents are taking advantage of the information age to find the best facility for their pet. This is why it can be helpful if your pet grooming franchise does not offer doggy daycare that you team up with a doggy daycare and promote each other’s services.