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Why a Pet Grooming Franchise and Splash and Dash

You may have recently come to the conclusion that with the recession-proof cover that the pet industry offers, you want to become a part of the tail-wagging, drooling, smiling doggy-faced business. Now you just have to figure out what type of pet service business you’d like, whether it’s a pet grooming franchise, pet store, or something else entirely and once you pick that, which one of the many names is right for you.

Why a Pet Grooming Franchise?

pet grooming franchiseAs you research the benefits to owning a pet grooming franchise, you will see that it comes with everything you could ever want in your business. pet grooming is an important part of maintaining pet health. A poor coat health can signal a number of health issues which means you’re a commercial form of health checking. With Splash and Dash for Dogs, we take it a step further with our 10-point check at each visit where we check different physical and behavioral attributes in order to help catch early signs of illness in dogs. Owning a pet grooming franchise is helpful to business parents who don’t have the time or space to keep their dogs as clean as they should be, but want their dogs to live happier, fuller lives.

What About Other Pet Services?

A pet grooming franchise isn’t the only choice you have for business ownership in the pet industry. There are also things like dog training, pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping, and pet food franchises out there and all of which are important. However, what they don’t assure you is the recurring revenue that a pet grooming franchise can promise you. With Splash and Dash for Dogs, franchise owners are able to predict their minimal monthly income through the memberships they have which are promised every month the individual is signed up to the program, much like a gym membership. pet grooming is also an ongoing need for all dogs, whereas dog training and pet sitting may stop at some point. With Splash and Dash for Dogs, you are also running a boutique with the best pet food in the industry, high quality dog toys, and other accessories. The best thing about owning a pet grooming franchise is seeing the transformation physically and in their personality all while interacting with dogs every day.

Why Not a Coffee Shop?

coffee shop franchiseOr a sandwich shop or a gym or any number of other franchise options. The answer is simple. All of these options offer an incredible amount of competition as the popularity of sandwich and coffee shops and gyms soar. Not to mention: none of these industries are recession proof. Over the last few years it’s been proven that while other industries have suffered a decrease in yearly profits, the pet industry has met no such disaster, and has in fact continued to grow. When all the facts are taken into consideration, a pet grooming franchise seems like a clear choice.