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4 Important Reasons Why You Need A Pet Grooming Franchise

The pet industry is a growing one and owning a pet grooming franchise is probably one of the better franchises to start in 2015. Grooming is so much more than making a dog smell good and look clean and here’s why you should get in on it:

1.Play Dirty, Live Clean

pet grooming franchisingIs the motto. At Splash and Dash we believe that a dog’s only job is to live a fun and healthy life. As the owner of a pet grooming franchise it’s your privilege to give dogs that ability. Through grooming, a dog is transformed. They know when they’re carrying around extra layers of fur, when their nails are too long that it’s uncomfortable and when you groom a dog, you will see their personality and disposition change. It can turn an older dog into a puppy again, a dog that seems weighed down can become light on her feet. As a pet groomer, you become the channel that allows dogs to be their best selves.

2.Warn of Disease

Working in a pet grooming franchise actually gives you the chance to warn pet parents of possible skin problems like dry skin or even skin disease. Groomers see probably thousands of dogs a year, so they get used to seeing healthy skin and they understand what healthy and unhealthy looks like. As a pet grooming franchise owner, you give pet parents the opportunity to catch skin disease early by providing them with a groomer who knows what they’re doing. It’s likely that the pet will always see the groomer more often than a vet.

3.Grooming Isn’t Just Bathing

While many pet parents might get the idea that all their pup will need is a bath every now and then, but grooming is so much more than a bath. It includes nail trimming, teeth brushing, removal of undercoats, winter coats, and excess hair, and can also include breed-specific styling and hair dying. Many pet parents aren’t equipped to handle even bathing their dogs due to disposition or lack of equipment and where a dog plays, a dog will always need a cleaning.

4.Pet Grooming Franchise Allows for Recurring Revenue
There are only a few businesses out there that take advantage of recurring revenue and a pet grooming franchise is one of them. Gyms requiring memberships are another. Recurring revenue is income or cash-flow that comes in on a regular basis on usually a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Other businesses include real estate like renting, where there’s a contracted, expected payment on a certain day each month. Another could be credit card annual fees. By running a Splash and dash pet grooming franchise, you’re able to wield the same membership revenue power as any gym, promising a minimum income each month pending on subscriptions and that’s something that no other pet grooming franchise does.