Looking for a Salary Increase? Consider a Pet Franchise

I want to preface this article by advising anyone searching around in the job market that has purely fiscal motivations. This method of career searching can lead to un-prolific findings. Of course, a competitive marketplace gives workers the luxury of large salaries impelling and retaining talent, but don’t let money be your only guiding force. An attraction to a career field should extend to life-work balance, stimulating work challenges, thriving company culture, positive colleagues, and then, yes, compensation. Those lucky enough to choose to invest in a pet franchise may have found the perfect balance.

Franchising has helped many who have dreamed of becoming a small business owner make their dreams reality. Opting out of going solo helps save time and inevitably money. The rigorous hours spent locating vendors, choosing a POS, and designing your marketing campaigns are all accessible in franchising.

On top of the advantages of the pet franchise, is evading the negotiation of a new wage. Some career pathways simply have a ceiling. As a business coach, I urge you to take the time to do the research. You may be able to transfer your skillset into something with much more freedom.

Whether the pet franchise seems like a viable option for you or not, this article provides some key details of the lucrative industry.

A Pet Franchise is Not for Everyone

Again, if you are searching for a job with only money in mind it is going to be a long road. The truth about happiness is being excited about the place you go to in the morning. Surround yourself with challenges and people that help you grow professionally. When you come home knowing that the actions you took that day benefited your local community, helped educate others, and put a smile on animal and human faces alike, you’ve found a fulfilling career.

So, the old diminutive question: If it’s so easy, why doesn’t everyone do it?

The answer is because it is not that easy. Success in the pet franchise industry takes passion, dedication, and adaptability.

A passion for business and a passion for animals will become your drive. Dedicating yourself to chase down success as a leader—the face of your own small business. You must be able to think on your feet, gauge a situation, and make step-by-step goals to construct a business model. Owning a pet franchise is as hard as it is rewarding.

The Good News

If you think you have the tenacity and passion for becoming a pet franchise owner then there is amazing news for you—there is indeed a lot of money in the pet industry.

The 2016 fiscal year is projected to end at $62.75 billion dollars in U.S. expenditures. This is a 4.1% growth from the previous year. The growth in the pet industry has been steady since it became a prevalent sector in the American marketplace.

In the Great Recession between the years 2009 and 2011, the industry grew a remarkable 10.5%, over $4.3 billion. Saying the pet industry is recession-proof is not a hyperbole; it’s true.

As of 2015, 65% of American households report to own at least one pet. Many have caught onto this goldmine within the past few years.  According to the Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis, pet franchise output grew 6.4% nationally, with employment growth at 3.7%. On a national scale, this is huge.

Please. Take the time to do the research for yourself. The pet franchise is growing steadily and will not slow anytime soon. The bond between animal and human is solidified in the American psyche, and for the past four decades, consumers have proven the pattern of growth will continue.

The Great News: The Unique Benefits of Splash and Dash

Choosing a pet franchise is an investment, and a big one. A serious investor should take the time to consider what they’re looking for versus what the franchisor is offering. It’s like buying a car. If you know you want a car with low operating costs, branded to sell, and lasts over 200,000 miles, don’t buy a lemon.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique has some advantages that give the company the edge to place in Forbes and INC. 500 list multiple years in a row.

  • Unique business model of recurring revenue.
  • Intensive training and complete support.
  • Access to discounted vendor prices.
  • Strong branding and company culture.
  • Marketing platforms that directly assist every franchise holder.
  • Work in an environment that makes the world better.

This list only taps the potential Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique has to offer. Like any investment, it’s not for everyone, but it could be the perfect option for you.

Visit a store. Look around. Talk to one our current successful franchisees.

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