Pet Pampering Diversifies into Multiple Upscale Enterprises

The Pet Care Franchise Has Been Growing for Last Two Decades and Shows No Sign of Slowing as Pet Pampering Trends Continue to Expand Business

The first quarter of 2016’s fiscal year is drawing to a close on December 31st and brings good news for the pet care franchise.

According to the American Pet Products Association report (APPA), the pet franchise will rise again by over four percent, or $2.47 billion. Aside from the numbers, market and consumer trends parallel this growth, and one thing is clear–everyone loves pampering their pets.

The pet care franchise grew during the Great American Recession, set growth records in 2015 with the founding of many successful startups, and is opening cultural and financial pathways for animal and entrepreneur lovers globally. It is also a gateway to explore one’s passion.  

Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey are planning to bequest millions of dollars of their inheritance to their dogs. Premiumization marketing trends are gripping the pet industry showing that pet parents prefer to provide their pets with the best. The pet insurance sector is also growing. According to North America Veterinary Pet Insurance, the industry set record growth in 2014 and is continuing to rise.

Over 65 percent of U.S. households own at least one pet, according to APPA 2015-2016 survey. So don’t feel embarrassed about showering your pets in laps of luxury, we at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique feel no guilt–we love spoiling dogs.

This pet care franchise article reviews some of the most pampering and even outlandish businesses out there.

Online Dog Training Courses

Everything is becoming internet based now.

Many researched into the market gap of having cloud-based dog training. A dog training business that began last year was Wagfield Academy.

The academy offers 50 dog training courses developed by animal trainers with over 40 years of combined experience. Customers can customize their training courses depending on their training level and the academy focuses on bond-building between owners and dogs.

Physical Therapy for Dogs

The health care of physical therapy is not just for humans anymore. A Manhattan-based rehabilitation center called Water4dogs conducts physical therapy for dogs and exercises dogs that meet facility qualifications. The center features underwater treadmills, low-level laser therapy, and neuromuscular electrical stimulation. Water4dogs also offers holistic therapy programs like acupuncture, herbal and nutritional therapy, and deep-tissue ultrasonic healing.

Water4dogs charges around $165 an hour depending on the pet’s needs.

This health care facility for dogs is amazing evidence that the pet care franchise is secure in the U.S. market, and that ‘dogs are man’s best friend’ is not merely a sentiment, but is an enriching investment opportunity.

Yoga: Namaste’d in the Pet Care Franchise

Yoga is arguably one of the best health practices many are using to maintain a balanced lifestyle, and this pertains to pets too. Yoga instructor Suzi Teitelman formulated a way for individuals to practice yoga with their dogs, and has laid the groundwork for dog yogis.

Dog Yogi Training kits start $535, with private sessions at $100.

Another business that continues this idea is Yoga Dogs. Started by photographer Dan Borris who began photographing his own dog, Mela, and his cat, Snoosh. The website states hundreds of canine auditions, hours of training, and practice all went into the foundations of capturing dogs in yoga poses. (Photoshop takes care of the rest of it).

The calendars are for sale on Yoga Dogs website for $14.99.

Pampered Party Complete with D.J., Champagne, and Dog Beer

On the Upper East side of Manhattan rests New York Dog Spa where patrons can rent out facilities for $700 for a dog party. The dog spa will organize a red carpet champagne party for up to 20 guests and their pooches. Options come to upgrade the party by booking a D.J. who will be spinning music for a few extra hundred.

What party is complete without beer? What about beer for dogs?

Bowser Beer is one of the leading distributors of dog beer made from USA real human-grade beef, pork, and chicken. Malt barley is also a main ingredient in dog beer which is rich in joint protecting biomolecules.

Customers can get a customized six pack with their own dog’s face on each label for $33.99.

Dog House Mansion

Constructing a mansion-esque estate for your pooch is also an option for the lavish lifestyle the pet care franchise and up-scale businesses can provide. One of the most decadent of boutiques to offer everything from doggie jewelry, figurines, and furniture is New York Bitch.

Clients can build their dogs a customized dog house called “La Petite Maison Mansion Customer Dog House Brick Manor.” Customization is so thorough clients have the option to build a dog-sized replica of their own house starting at $4,500 and listed on New York Bitch’s website at $9,900.

Pet Spas and Resorts

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is a proud member of the pet care franchise with an aim to pamper pets in a spa-like experience, but the company also aims to convenience owners with fair prices and amazing service. We offer spa treatment and a cool new haircut, but not dog boarding.

For individuals who need dog boarding and are vacationing in Las Vegas, there is American Cat and Dog Hotel’s presidential suite which starts at $130 a night. If you’re wondering where your money is going, it is invested in hardwood floors, a throw rug, a bed, a large window, straw turf, fire hydrants and flat screen TVs–all the amenities of a diva dog.

There are various ritzy dog resorts, spas, and hotels around the world stocked with comforts most humans don’t get to experience. For example Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique offers pawdicure and aromatherapy services for dogs.

Dearly Departed

Pet parents aren’t only pampering their dogs in life, but also in death.

The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery–the oldest operating pet cemetery in the world–offers an eternal resting place for your pet with customizable options based on the size of animals’ remains and the monument you want to honor them with. Hartsdale has been operating since 1896 and is the only pet cemetery listed under the national register of historic places.

Pricing of pet’s plot, casket, and interment begin under $1,800 without upkeep charges.

A Word from a Pet Care Franchise

Reviewing where the industry is expanding–even in some of the more grandiose aspects–gives insight into what market trends will prevail and what will phase out as consumer intrigue diminishes.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique prides itself as a pioneer in the pet care franchise and will continue to observe, innovate, and provide the service and products of the company’s core values.

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