Pet Store Industry Tips for SMART Goal Setting

Small business experts have formulated a method of goal setting that is key in maintaining success in the pet store industry. The technique helps shop owners save valuable time and energy which translates to an efficient and productive worksite. It’s called SMART.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique shop owners are the face of their own small business. The professional skills that each one brings to the table are paramount. A delicate balance between customer engagement, implementing business methods, and creativity are what makes the company award-winning.


The pet industry takes this diligence.


Brushing up on goal-setting can turn any small business owner’s day from havoc to expertise. Instead of running around managing a million tasks, while your phone rings every three seconds, as emails pile up, use SMART goal setting to turn your day into a breeze.

What is SMART?



You have precisely defined what needs to be accomplished.



Targets and objectives can be tracked from beginning to end.



The goals you have set are realistic and manageable.



All goals are appropriate for your business model and not redundant.



Goals have lifespans. Short-term and long-term goals need to have deadlines and designated period time for completion.

Five SMART Goal Setting Tips for the Owners in the Pet Store Industry


  1. Think about the big picture. Seeing the big picture means also being able to zoom into the finer details. These finer details are the validated segments of the route to accomplish your goal. The goal itself is the big picture. Work backward by first recognizing the big picture, then finding the steps it takes to get there.


For example, say you need to hire a new reputable groomer that is unique in the pet store industry. Business has picked up and your shop is swamped and your employees are becoming overexerted. The big picture is hiring a second groomer.


  1. Finding the finer details. The validated segments within the big picture will become your process. Tasks like posting a job opening on the appropriate candidate recruiting portals, scheduling and conducting interviews, and finalizing your hire. These finer details all become manageable and realistic ways to turn your goal into a systematized method of approach.


  1. Use the formula. Studies have shown that successful people are organized. They stick to methods that work and resist the urge to work solely on tracking projects in their head. Write things down!


Fortunately, Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique shop owners in the pet store industry already have a valuable tool to record all their SMART business segments—terminal software.


If the big picture is lowering groom times. The validated segments are finding the appropriate amount of time it takes to groom a dog for all different dog sizes, training your employees to meet this reasonable time, and ensuring these methods will be organized.


The solution—big picture and segments—can all be arranged with the terminal software, a unique tool for Splash and Dash in the pet store industry.


  1. Tracking Progress. The terminal software is an amazing tool and handles all aspects of your back office business, but some goals cannot be contained to tracking numbers. The human element can disrupt things. Say, your shop has been performing well. You think you’re ready to advance in the pet store industry and expand business by opening two more locations.


When you track your progress and gauge yourself and the marketplace, the success of your new shops will be greater. Check in every once in awhile. Is your management team ready? Is your store running self-sufficiently, and you find yourself needing to be on-site less and less?


These are tracked signs you’re on target to an even bigger-picture goal.


  1. Give yourself a deadline. Crucial to the pet store industry is having a sense of urgency. The industry is expanding so rapidly that simply staying competitive is not always enough to fill a market gap ready to be capitalized.   


Open-ended goals without pressure don’t encourage progress. Without progress, your shop can become inert. By setting a deadline, and tracking goals that are time-based, shop owners can see their success at each step along the process.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique encourages you to celebrate accordingly.


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