3 Ways Low Cost Franchise Opportunities Can be More Consumer Centric

Low cost franchise opportunities are a great way to become your own boss. The guess work is eliminated with startup and you can take control of your future. However, just buying low cost franchise opportunities is not enough to be successful. Rather you will need to be focused on your customers. Here are a few customer centric trends you should know about.

Personalized Messaging is Essential

Whether it is an email or direct mail piece, you want to provide communication that is personalized for your customer. This can be harder to accomplish with direct mail, but it is not impossible. You simply need to have the right tools to help you target your ideal demographic and find a way to personalize it for them. Any communications you  send out should be custom and not generic cut and paste content.

Provide Valuable Content with Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

In many instances, the low cost franchise opportunities will have a blog and other marketing materials that focus on a regional or national level. This does not mean you can forget about marketing. Rather you need to focus on your local community.

When creating content, such as for a blog, make sure that you are providing authentic and valuable content. Do not put words out there just as a way to rank on Google and make people notice you. Google now values unique, readable content. Make sure you are going with content that will be of interest and benefit to your customers. Not only will this help low cost franchise opportunities to rank better but will also establish them as an authority on their industry. For instance, if you have a pet grooming franchise, then you want to provide content valuable for grooming and pet care.


Place an Emphasis on Mobile

Another trend low cost franchise opportunities should pay attention to is mobile. A study completed in January of 2014 found that 34% of Americans with cell phones used mobile internet alone. Another study looked at Cyber Monday sales from 2014 and found that 22% of all purchases on this day were for mobile products, which is a significant jump even from 2013. This shows that mobile has grown too large to simply ignore.


Take the time to find ways that you can focus on your customers. Also, while gaining new customers is important, remember that customer retention cannot be overlooked. Take the time to figure out how you can improve the experience for your customers. This can be done formally with surveys or simply starting a conversation with the customers in low cost franchise opportunities. While you will need to keep your practices in line with the franchise agreement you signed, there are still many ways you can focus on your customers.