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Why Open a Pet Food Franchise with a Dog Grooming Franchise

A pet food franchise is a store with a purpose that fills a need. Every pet eats. Most pets eat strictly pet food diets. By opening a pet supply franchise that also does pet grooming, you not only open opportunities, but you expand the reach of profit that you can make. Pet grooming is just as rewarding as it is profitable and combining a pet grooming franchise with a pet food franchise raises the chance of sales on both sides and here’s why.

Gives Pet Parents Something to Do

While many pet parents will head to your pet food franchise with a specific goal in mind (food), if presented with the option to have their pet groomed as well while they shop, they are more likely to do it. Likewise, customers that come into your pet supply franchise specifically for the grooming are very likely to walk around and shop for their pet while their pet is groomed. Many pet parents don’t like to get too far from their pet, many prefer to conserve gas or time and prefer to stay in the location. If they’re given something to do, like shopping for their pet, their experience is far more positive as they don’t feel like their time is being wasted.

It’s Health

Pet grooming isn’t just about a nice looking coat. By offering a pet grooming franchise inside of your pet food franchise, you’re offering health benefits to pets and pet parents that go far behind high quality food. A clean coat, free of extra undercoat, offers skin health. Cleaning nails and ears minimizes germs and chances of infection. A dog knows when they are well taken care of and the weight of the unneeded undercoat shows in a rejuvenated energy of a pet. A pet supply franchise with a pet grooming franchise inside of it offers pet parents the positive experience of fulfilling their dogs at-home needs of food and health and will cause recurring customers due to your reliability and capability to best care for their pets in every way.

It Gives You More Opportunities
By opening a multi-purpose franchise instead of a simple pet food franchise, you open your pet store up to expand from the start. The doors are already open for a pet grooming franchise, you draw in more customers, and you can take advantage of Splash and Dash’s revolutionizing pet grooming service, which will assure your pet supply franchise a consistent monthly income.

These aren’t all the benefits that come with opening a multi-purpose pet food franchise, but they are definitely some of the bigger ones you should keep in mind as you open your first pet supply franchise.