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Reputation and the Pet Grooming Franchise

Brand recognition for a pet grooming franchise shapes customer perception of the business and penetrates the market. As you franchise with Splash and Dash, you’ll collect all the positive associations that associate with them, building a foundation of reputation by simply associating with a strong, established brand. A positive reputation will bring in more business, helping your pet grooming franchise to not only stabilize, but expand. As a business owner, keep these things in mind as you consider reputation and your business:

Reputation = Success

pet store franchisingThe better the reputation of your pet grooming franchise, the more likely your success. Through franchising, your business brand may already have a very well-known and attractive name, like Splash and Dash, to bring in customers already familiar with the brand’s values and that’s ultimately what any business owner should strive for. If people think of a need and think of your business first, you know that you have made it to the upper tiers of business ownership. When someone thinks luxury, affordable pet grooming franchise, they think Splash and Dash and with that name at the top of consumer’s lists, they are much more likely to visit for the first time than an unknown store they find by searching the internet or phonebook.

Reviews Matter

Internet has taken word-of-mouth reviews to a new level with websites like Google+, Yelp, and even just posting on personal social media pages about an experience. In fact, your pet grooming franchise will probably acquire most of its reputation through social media. Studies have shown that more than 80% of consumers read online reviews and more than 70% of consumers trust a business more if they see positive reviews online as much as they’d trust a personal recommendation.

Encourage Positive Reviews

As you collect reviews from regular and new customers, try to encourage positive reviews by not only providing excellent service, care, and listening to consumers, but also offer a prize of some kind like a discounted or free treat or service. Many restaurants offer a free dessert with proof of a review. Think about what your store could do, put up signs around the shop to inform consumers, and follow through.

Follow Reviews and Respond to Complaints

As you provide excellent service at your pet grooming franchise, prepare for the worst as well. If you receive a review from a less than pleased individual, don’t ignore it. Respond respectfully and see if you can solve the problem. By responding, you are showing you do care and you have the opportunity to mend the relationship and recover a possibly lost customer. The worst thing you can do in the case of negative feedback is delete it or ignore it. Think about what that says about your company