low cost franchises opportunities

5 Ideas for Low Cost Franchise Opportunities and the Startup

Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

With the help of Splash and Dash and the low cost franchise opportunities, opening your own pet business is extremely easy. The planning all comes down to the startup and the kick off. As you plan the big GO (Grand Opening) and build the anticipation and clientele, check out these fun things to try as you get ready to open your business.

1. Big. Big. BIG.

Thanks to low cost pet franchise opportunities, it’s easier than ever to make the grand opening an event. Keep this in mind when you’re preparing to open your own store and turn it into something. Perhaps a block party if you have neighbor businesses or consider a freebie event to pull clientele in from day one.

2. Make it a Game

Consumers love competition and games. Take your low cost franchise opportunities to the next level by creating an app on their phone that could rank visits or purchases, or customer loyalty, but give it a fun name to keep them coming back if for nothing other than to buy more than their friends.

3. Simplicity is #1

Boost your low cost franchises opportunities by making the website simple to read. With a clean, but basic layout, it will be easy on the eyes and simple to navigate for current and future consumers.

4. Give Incentives for Sharing

Low cost franchises opportunities have an excellent resource in social media and prizes when it comes to referring others. Create some creative, yet inexpensive giveaway for people who come through referral such as a free bath, free bag of treats… anything you can think of that’s simple and easy to do.

5. Save the Best for Last

While you’re building up your business just before opening, remember that the tease is what’s important. Don’t give it all away before you have them stop in the shop. Some level of mystery keeps people coming back, assuming it’s something like, “What will they have next”.