pet grooming franchise

Benefits of Owning a Pet Grooming Franchise

Why should you open a store in the pet grooming franchise? Why not a coffee shop? Why not a bookstore? Why not a flower shop? Why not a bar? While those are all legitimate business ideas, none of them have the benefits that a pet grooming franchise does.


No Experience is Required

It takes absolutely no prior experience in sales or the pet industry to work in a pet grooming franchise. Considering most people have at least worked that part time job in customer service at one point in our lives. While it gives you an understanding of customer service prior to opening your own place, it’s not necessary. Experience in business ownership is also unnecessary to start in the pet grooming franchise. When working with Splash and Dash, we train you to run your own business, teaching you not only entrepreneurial practices that will shoot you ahead of your competition, you’ll also learn management, customer relations, and human resource practices that you may not have otherwise grooming services


Work that Feels like Play

Everyone looks for the job they can enjoy without it feeling like work. A pet grooming franchise does just that. Pets make us feel happy, at home, and comfortable and most pet parents feel the same way. When you run your own pet grooming franchise, you open the opportunity to make work like home whereas working for someone else, you’re unlikely to find that opportunity. You’re able to set the tone of your store, and a big part of working with pets is a positive attitude.


Growing Industry Income

In 2014 the pet industry grossed in at a whopping $73 billion for the year. Owning a pet grooming franchise puts you in an excellent position to be a part of the growing pet industry by not only allowing pet grooming to play a part in the sales, but a boutique offering products like treats, toys, food, beds, and anything else you can think of. The humanization of pets is become more and more prevalent as the spending on pets grows to treat pets more like their human counterparts. Higher quality and luxury products are on the rise and while it’s important to treat dogs like important members of the family with these products, it’s equally as important to keep them clean and trip with a healthy coat.low cost pet franchise


Opportunity to Do What No One Else is Doing

Splash and Dash actually offers a revolutionary revenue system similar to those in gyms. Without a pet grooming franchise, it’s less possible to take advantage of this membership system that will ensure monthly income based on the number of members/recurring customers you have that should only grow.