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10 Benefits of Pet Franchise Ownership Compared to Employment

If you are currently employed but dream of being your own boss, then you should know how it compares to where you are now. There are no doubt some benefits of owning a pet franchise over being an employee, but how great these benefits really are. As long as you have what it takes to own and run a pet care franchise, then you should know how this can enrich your life.


Have More Control Over Your Life

Sure everyone has control over their life, but this only goes so far. For instance, if you wanted to go on vacation right now, after consulting your bank account you would have to get permission from your boss. As the owner of a pet grooming franchise you could determine what you want your schedule to be and this can give you more freedom and control over your life.smart-dog


Have a Flexible

Right now, chances are you work in an office with a set schedule your employer chose for you. You can’t just go to the beach or take a fun trip with your kids at a moment’s notice because your employer needs you on their schedule. You are stuck working within the parameters of your job description. When you own your own pet franchise you can set the schedule for others as well as yourself. If you want to spend the day having lunch with friends and going to see a show, then you can do this. It also means never missing out on important events with your family.


Greater Career Options

As an employee there is generally a career ceiling that you will hit with your company. This means you can only climb the corporate ladder so far. As a business owner though you can continue to grow your business, open new businesses, consult other businesses, or even use your knowledge and experience to work for an even larger corporation as a CEO. There are open ended opportunities as a business owner if you apply yourself and learn as much as possible.


More Self Satisfaction

As an employee there are many ways that you can get the satisfaction you want. There is recognition such as employee of the month or even earning a bonus. These are great but as a pet franchise owner there are many other rewards you can receive. As your store does good, you become better known in the community, make more money, get recognized by the franchise and so much more. It is easy to see how this can be more satisfying than working for someone else.


Even More Learning Experiences

As an employee you may learn new things, be it customer service techniques, history about your industry or other similar topics. However this pales in comparison the myriad of things you will learn as a pet franchise owner. This includes management skills, accounting, professional correspondence, marketing and so much more. While some skills are needed to open your franchise there are many more you will learn along the way.


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Form Positive Habits

This does not mean that people who are employees have bad habits. What this means is that if you want to have a successful pet franchise, then there are some habits you will have to form in order to get there. This can help to make your life more productive, not just in work.


Improve Networking Skills

Networking is essential for business owners as it is what allows them to form relationships with other professionals. While this is something you may have experience with now as an employee, you will have even more experience with it as a pet franchise owner. This in turn will improve your networking skills.


More Motivation

As an employee generally your motivation is driven by the salary you receive. Not only is this limited, it has a cap. When you are a business owner you will not only have the ability to earn more money, you will also have spontaneity in your job which can also give you more motivation.


Protect Your Position

One of the biggest concerns many employees have is job security. There are factors such as outsourcing, downsizing, and so much more that employees have to contend with. When you have a pet franchise as long as your business stays open you have a job. While the thought of closing is scary and real for many businesses, the support  from your franchisor can give you the help you need to solve your issues.


Retire Sooner

Most employees do not have the retirement savings they need to retire even at peak age. This is because inflation continues to bring the prices of things up and a 401(k) plan simply is not enough to get you there. The income you receive as a pet franchise owner though can help you to not only get what you need to retire but to get there sooner than you would as an employee.