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The Process of Starting Up a Pet Grooming Franchise

The pet grooming franchise is a lively and growing industry. Starting one of your own is a big task, but it’s one that the Splash and Dash franchise would like to help you with. Building funds, team, the shop, you’re business plan while finding a location is a lot of heavy-lifting work. What about the question of whether it’s right for you? As you consider opening a pet grooming franchise, take this information into consideration.


Candidate Requirements


  • Passion

You must be passionate about not only business, but animals. To be part of the pet grooming franchise, you must processes dedication to operational excellence. Do you have the drive to build a high performing team and organization? Do you have the desire to learn?


  • Experience

You don’t have to have experience specific to the pet grooming franchise. Have you ever worked in a customer service position such as food service, retail, or multi-unit management? Experience isn’t necessary to run a pet franchise. All it takes is an understanding or a willingness to learn about store marketing, community involvement, and how to engage individuals, businesses, and the market at large. dog_grooming_safe_drying


  • Resources

Splash and Dash will actually give you all the resources you need to start your own pet grooming franchise. All you need is the bit of money to get started and let Splash and Dash help you with the rest.


And that’s all that’s required of an individual seeking to start in the pet grooming franchise. The most important requirement of them all is desire, the will to succeed, preserver, and embody your vision. Now that you have checked the requirements, you are ready to move forward, but what do you do next?


Starting Up Strategies For Your Pet Grooming Franchise


  • Build A Business Plan

Before you put your pet grooming business plans into action, sketch them out. When you work with Splash and Dash, we’ll even help you with the organization it. Prepare a binder or small book for your business ideas and plans and research the cost of operation, the potential market, and the impediments that you may face. You’ll need to evaluate your competition, explore the regulations and laws regarding the pet industry and grooming business, especially tax-wise, and look into all equipment that you will need and their costs.


  • Make a Marketing Plan

This will be another part of the business plan for your pet grooming franchise. Write a budget stating how much you have to spend as well as how much you’d be willing to spend. Be solid in your budget decisions and how much wiggle room you’re going to give on either side of your budget. After you’ve decided on a budget, think of ideas that will fit inside of your budget and finally get a general idea of time and location for your marketing. This should be intertwined with the research you did to on market availability. funny_drinking_dog


  • Build the Workspace

This is where things become physical as you purchase or build your location, equipment, and start building a filing system. A lot of money is being exchanged at this point and you need to keep your eye on every bit of it as the business owner.


  • Build the Customer Base

With the help of a public relations team, social media and a personal website, your financer like Splash and Dash, and old-fashioned networking, start building customer hype far before the store opens. While the preparation and building period may take some time, that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do. While your location is being prepared, build your relationships with your community and have customers waiting by the time you open.