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What to Look for in a Pet Grooming Franchise

When you enter into the world of pet grooming franchise, you will open far more doors than if you if you franchise on top of taking out a loan or borrowing money from a family member. There are incredible benefits that come with as a packaged deal when you sign up with a franchisor. What kind of benefits? Branding, support, technology, flexibility, and marketing assistance to name just a few and none of which can be promised you take out a private loan. Take a look at what this stuff really means.


What is Branding?

brand-power_proprietary-softwareThe plainest answer is that a brand is the recognizability of an individual, company, product, service, or organization. Branding is an incredibly positive thing because of one simple fact: brand recognition. Brand names have worked hard to garner recognition nationally or globally. Brand recognition means people associate the name of your business with adjectives, attributes, and ideas associate with that brand, such as Splash and Dash as luxury, high-end service, affordable care, and prestige. Do you need a brand? Not necessarily, however branding will make you stand out against your competitors, add value to your offer, and assist in engaging consumers simply by name recognition. So it’s definitely in the better interest of your company to brand with strong.


As you pick a brand to associate your company with pet grooming franchise, here are a few questions to keep in mind?


  • What’s the heart of the company?
  • What does the company believe in?
  • Where is the company going?
  • How do you want the company to come across to others?


When choosing a brand, make sure you have these questions answered so you can align yourself with a brand who feels the same as you do. Remember, aligning with a large company brand like Splash and Dash can not empower your company, but make your life in the pet industry that much easier.


What is Support?

When you work with Splash and Dash, your support grows from being just family and friends to a much larger web of people, and it’s not just limited to while you prepare for the big day. In fact, Splash and Dash is one, if not the only, pet grooming franchise that offers very special support group in the following ways:


Startup Support

As you begin to plan your pet grooming franchise from the small (or large) dream in your head to building a business plan and pricing, purchasing equipment, hiring staff and more. Splash and Dash will give you the support of people who have been there, who are currently successful and who can help you turn your investment into a sure thing during just the planning phase. Not only does support at this phase assist in strategic planning, but can help ease the stress of making a major move by helping you make the best moves possible.


Help finding a location

Splash and Dash also offers assistance in finding the best, most optimal location for your pet grooming franchise. Want to build a couple blocks from your house? Splash and Dash will help make that happen. Want to build in Hawaii? Splash and Dash will help make that happen. Want to build outside the US? Splash and Dash can help make that happen. The support offered will not only help you find the perfect place for your first location, but will eagerly assist in finding a second while evaluating the market in the surrounding area that would guarantee you have the most business you could possibly have in a place that you enjoy.


Ongoing Support

Once the doors of your pet grooming franchise open, the lines of communication don’t close. Our support follows you during startup, but also helps you after you open at any given time. If you have technical difficulties with your web sign-in, layout, blogs, questions about the pet industry or something else entirely, it’s comforting The stress is far less existent when you know you’re not going through it alone for the long haul.


What Technology?

As a pet grooming franchise, ordering products for your store may feel like a task. You must order food from one vendor, treats from another, clothes and toys from another, and collars from another. Splash and Dash actually has an advanced interface that allows pet franchise owners to order all of your inventory at once, making inventory and delivery easy and stress-free.


What is About Flexibility?

With the ongoing support behind your pet grooming franchise, as your own boss, you’re able to have more flexibility in your free time. Many business owners have to stress about working 24/7 once they open their own business, but with the pet grooming franchise, that’s not a worry you have. The call center answering calls and booking appointments even when you’re not there and the technology to order and track all inventory from one vendor instead of many, there’s more freedom to align your work life with your family life and free time.


What About Marketing Assistance?

During the startup, during the location finding, and as you go continuously, we is an excellent resource for your pet grooming franchise. We constantly assist in following the market, improving your clientele interactions, and filling the needs of a growing market. Imagine having assistance in recognizing the next trend in the pet industry and taking advantage of it before any of your competitors.