6 Low-Cost Ways to Motivate Pet Store Franchise Team

The pet store franchise sales rates are not exclusive to the shopping holidays like Christmas, or back-to-school. Business stays steady year-round since there is no halt in consumers needing to care for their pets.

Yet between the holiday rush of December, weather turning bleak before spring truly begins to show, and failed New Year’s resolutions many employees need extra motivation around this time of the year.

Research shows that happiness in the workplace directly correlates with increased performance. Workers who report satisfaction in the workplace also report 12 percent higher productivity rates. In a Gallup study, highly engaged workers outperformed poorly engaged teams by 22 percent.

As a pet store franchise shop owners or manager, this means that keeping your staff fit for the challenge means providing a positive work environment. This article details six low-cost methods of keeping your staff productive, engaged, and happy.
Define Clear Shop Goals
This is an easy one.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique pet store franchise have the advantage of proprietary software. The terminal software tracks and systematizes all functions of shops’ business. When there is an efficiency problem, shop owners know exactly where the issue is occurring.

Make use of issues visible through the terminal software and observations you see yourself. When employees know exactly what the expectations are, and how they can contribute, the more likely their success rate will be.

Goals need to be clearly defined and explained.
Simple Rewards
Learn what motivates your team. Some workers are partial to doughnuts and coffee while others appreciate small gift cards.

Even small incentives don’t come unappreciated. In the pet store franchise, many are inspired purely by their work. Many groomers are motivated by the artistic nature of the industry and the animals themselves.

Reinforce this natural self-motivation with small treats and nods of encouragement.
Pet store Franchise: Honest Relationships
Splash and Dash pride itself on being the ‘mom and pop’ pet store franchise with all the amenities of a ‘big-box’ store. This means that shop owners are the face of the business they own. Customers and staff look to shop owners as a leader.

As a leader, it’s helpful to make listening to your staff a priority. Show them you are concerned with their well-being and be actively helpful to resolve any problematic situations that take place. Be cognizant of staff limitations and personal goals. Find your team’s happy medium. The sweet-spot where they are challenged and engaged in the workplace is ideal. Be a thermostat leader.

Encourage Failure
This is a not a new age entrepreneurial philosophy toward goal-setting and motivation. Bolstering a team to try different approaches, experiment, and be creative is important especially in the pet store franchise industry. The day-to-day of a shop is dynamic and without creativity, workloads can become stifling.

This goes back to the company motto, “work on the company, not in it.” When shop owners have an issue or recommendation, corporate offices steps in to support. When corporate finds new systems that work, we keep them! This encourages feedback and the innovative minds of shop owners.

This same model can be administered in your pet store franchise shop.

Say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’
Many take this advice lightly. Some leaders believe this should go without being said, but the truth is that many employers do not take this very easy step. As a small business owner, you don’t need to give out participation trophies for employees simply doing their job. However, a simple ‘thank you, your work is appreciated’ will resonate with your staff.

When individuals feel acknowledged and appreciated by their superiors or direct employer they are more inclined to continue producing positive results.
Promote a Positive Work Environment
Humans are mimetic of their environment. If a workspace is cluttered, dull, or unimaginative, then chances are so will the work that is produced from this space.

Shop owners of the pet store franchise Splash and Dash have the fortune of having a brand and color palette that is well received and stimulating but make sure your behind the scenes areas are equally as inventive.

Maintaining employee morale also extends to company culture. Have casual Fridays or eat lunch with your staff at the end of the week. It’s surprising how much simple things like these create a warmer more amicable work environment.

Find out what your staff is into and set this in motion.

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