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Tips to Improve Growth in Your Dog Grooming Franchise

Growth is the goal of any company. It is the way we measure success. If you want to grow your dog grooming franchise, you may think about new ways to market or sales strategies you can employ. One aspect you should think about is leadership. There are some leadership tips that can help you to improve sales and drive growth in your store.


Listen More

Most dog grooming franchise owners have a lot on their plate. It seems that even when you talk to people you are busy doing five other things. While multitasking has its place, it is important to take the time to really listen to what is being said to you by clients, vendors and employees alike. Put your phone down and devote some attention to them to get a better understanding of what is going on in your business and how you can improve.


Don’t Hire Fast in Your Dog Grooming Franchise

When you need more staff for your dog grooming franchise, it can be tempting to just hire the first person you talk to about the position. This often leads to an unfit team member who will only cause more problems. Take the time to get to know your candidates and understand whether they are right for your position or not.


Always Work on Improving

No matter how great your dog grooming franchise is, there is always room for improvement. This can be aspects such as taking classes, reading blogs or finding ways to improve your store. Remember that it is just as important for you to grow as the leader as it is for your staff to grow.


Incentivize Your Team

Incentives are a great way to push your team to work harder. This includes things such as rewards or bonuses. You can even create a competition. It does not have to be something huge. Rather, just offering something can be enough to keep people excited and motivated at work in your dog grooming franchise.


Make Sure Your Team Has the Tools for Success

It is also important to make sure your team has the tools they need to be successful. This starts before your dog grooming franchise opens with great training. At Splash and Dash we offer training in our facility as well as your store. However, the tools for success go deeper than this. You want to make sure you mentor your employees to help them know how to provide better customers service. Depending on your business there will be different tools they will need. Make sure you are helping them to be successful, which in turn means your success.