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ABCs for Every Great Pet Grooming Franchise Owner

As you establish yourself as the owner of a pet grooming franchise, it’s important that your customers and employees establish who you are as an individual and as their boss. Running a pet grooming franchise is not just about cleaning dogs, managing finances, and being the problem solver or know-it-all for your company. You also must set the reputation for your company by setting a professional reputation for yourself. As you build your personal identity in the pet industry, here are some ABC attributes to make your identity solid and positive from the start.

pet franchiseAuthentic & Believable

The most important foundation of any pet grooming franchise is to set yourself up as authentic and believable. Genuine and trustworthy. You will be handling family members, sometimes the only other member of the family and this family is trusting you will take care of the pet as much as you would take care of a child. Reassure them by being honest about who you are and they will trust you.


For any business owner, not just pet grooming franchise, it’s important to be outgoing, enthusiastic, and engaging. You don’t have to be an extrovert to be any of these things. In fact, many charismatic personalities that we know of are actually very introverted in their private lives. Just learn to be yourself and engage people while doing it.


Creativity does not only come in the form of products, merchandise, and services in a pet grooming franchise. Problems will arise that are strange, probably things you never thought about as a business owner. Sometimes you’ll have to come up with creative solutions to business problems. The ability to think outside the box and act immediately are important skills for any business owner.


This goes along with being trustworthy. You’re the final word. If any problem arises, it will be on your shoulders since it’s your pet grooming franchise. If you make a promise, follow through. Make a reputation that you are the person to go to if a customer wants something done and to not have to worry about whether it was done well or even at all.


Show that you’re a dependable pet grooming franchise by being capable and efficient when working on the tasks you have taken on. If you promise to have a pet fully groomed to beauty within the hour, make sure you not only say it, but you do it with 100% accuracy. Don’t make promises on your abilities that you can’t keep because you will destroy any credibility your customers have given you.

Remember it’s not only important to state these ABCs of a pet grooming franchise owner, but live them and you will face little trouble in building your business.