The Most Popular Pet Subscriptions

If you’re looking to spoil your fur baby, a monthly pet subscription is the ultimate way to treat your pet! From toys to grooming services, there are so many paw-some monthly subscriptions to choose from. These monthly pet subscription boxes are also perfect for people who don’t have the time to shop for their dogs toys and treats! 


Bark Box

BarkBox is a monthly subscription for dogs that include a surprise mix of toys and treats! Every month the box has a fun surprise theme! BarkBox starts at $23 a month, but there is an option to add extra toys or treats for an additional cost. This monthly subscription box makes a perfect gift for your pup or one of your fellow dog moms/dads. 


Rescue Box

RescueBox is a monthly subscription that the Animal Rescue Site provides to spoil your pet, and help animals in need. With each box you receive, RescueBox will donate food to shelter pets in need throughout the US! They offer dog and cat boxes. You can subscribe to RescueBox for $29.95 a month.


Splash and Dash Routine Care Memberships

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is a unique pet store franchise that offers a monthly subscription for dog grooming services. Splash and Dash is known for their Routine Care Memberships. Their memberships allow you to bring your dog in for a bath and brush, once a month, once a week or unlimited amount of times! This is a popular monthly subscription for dogs who like to play dirty and live clean. Memberships start at $39.95.




PupBox is the pawfect monthly subscription for new dog moms/dads! PupBox includes a monthly box of all the products and training information you need to be the best puppy parents! Toys,treats and accessories are all hand picked based on your pup’s age and physical characteristics. Every month your box will change based on your pup’s growth and development. This monthly subscription is also ideal for people with small dogs. PupBox offers four different plans starting at $29 a month.  


The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog is a monthly subscription service that delivers balanced, freshly made pet food with simple recipes, guided by science, and driven by love. After filling out a short questionnaire online, Farmer’s Dog creates a custom meal plan for your fur baby! Subscription plans start at $2 a day and include free shipping, they also offer a 20% off promo code for first time customers when signing up!



Kong Box

This monthly subscription toy box is offered by a well-known dog toy brand, Kong! Kong toys are known for their durability, the box also features tasty treats in addition to the toys. In each monthly box you will receive a KONG classic toy, a training toy, 3 different types of treats, 1 personality toy and a KONG recipe & tip. Monthly subscription boxes begin at $44.95.


Cool Business Ideas for Pet Lovers

Looking for Cool Business Ideas Fueled by Your Love of Pets?

Keen minds have tuned into the booming pet industry that has been rapidly expanding in the last few years. The growth rate in the last five years has been over 30% with projections for the 2017 year ending in $69.36 billion. Why? There are tons of reasons for this expansion, but most importantly, there are a growing number of people out there just like you—they love their pets. The business ideas turned million dollar enterprises amplified onto the radar starting in 2015 with startup apps like Swifto, BarkBuddy, and Pooch.

For pet lovers looking to get in on the action and work alongside animals in a lucrative and fun-fueled career, the opportunities are nearly infinite.

What is one of the coolest businesses in the pet industry?

Owning a Pet Salon

Working with animals is an awarding experience. For a long time, there were only a few avenues to explore where a person could earn a substantial salary alongside animals. You could attend the four years of post-graduate schooling to become a veterinarian. Or, you could invest nearly a million dollars to open up a big box pet store. Now the playing field is even. Entrepreneurs can take their business ideas for the pet industry and thrive.

Owning a pet salon is great because it’s such a relaxed environment. Most dogs are content being washed and trimmed by professional groomers. Even the more timid dogs will warm up to kind hands. The best part about being an owner is you can be as hands-on as you choose. Usually, owners let the groomers do the grooming and the sales team takes care of building clientele. The goal is to eventually have your shop become self-sufficient, which leaves you time to chat with customers, play with their dogs, and work on the future.

With the right staff, and some hard work on your part, you can turn your business ideas into a profitable doggie penthouse.

Be Your Own Boss

Whether you’re a ‘Type A’ personality, or just fed up with bad management, capitalizing on your business idea could free up your time to dedicate to your ideas. This hindrance of corporate America is that unless you work for a really progressive company, chances are—you’re earning on their terms. Bad management strategies account for 70% of low employee engagement, according to a Gallup poll.

The same study shows only a mere 30% of employees are engaged at work. Gallup uses key metrics to survey employees on their emotional commitment to their companies organization and goals. When this engagement is low, productivity stifles. The reason this is so common—besides bad management—is because companies are failing to supply employees with the tools they need to maintain productivity.

Employees search for careers that can a provide job satisfaction. Work-life balance, location, schedule-flexibility, salary, and motivation are the factors that sustain job satisfaction. Owning a small business is a route that secures all these life arrangements on your own terms. Your success is contingent only on one person—yourself.

Passion fosters the work stemming from your business ideas that will gauge how successful you’ll become. Being your own boss empowers you to structure your own life.

Franchising Trends

As the pet industry continues to grow, the number of pet franchises is sharing the growth. Every franchise package is different. Some offer mobile pet grooming, live animal selling, retail, grooming, and everything in between. In large cities, upscale pet boutiques are proliferating. These boutiques feature unique products like designer pet strollers and rhinestone encrusted tiaras for pet owners looking to really spoil their pooches.

The mobile grooming franchise is also gaining traction. This model brings all the convenience of grooming right to pet owners’ house. The entire arsenal of tools pet groomers need is set up inside a commercial van. The only downside is that mobile grooming fails to take advantages of retail opportunities and other hidden costs of being mobile.

One of the strongest dynamics is combination package of having a hip pet salon combined with retail space that supplies progressive products for pet owners. Pet salons are popularizing. Many pet owners are tired of pet groomeries that reek of wet dog, have outdated modeling, and mediocre service.  On the contrast, Pet salons offer all the chicness that an extravagant human salon offers—space designed for relaxation.

As Eco-friendly products become more available, many pet salon franchises are supporting the green cause. A pet retailer can provide more high-quality products that last longer and are made with recycled materials. Cycle Dog, a pet collar made of old bike tires, is an example of one of these awesome products. Cycle Dog’s whole product line is made from recycled materials, crafted with the Earth in mind.

Owning a pet franchise that betters the world, conveniences their clients, and helps reduce the carbon footprint is an amazing way to forge cool business ideas.

To know more about some of the business ideas happening at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, click here.


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