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Splash and Dash I Amazing 2016 Pet Franchise Opportunity

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is a revolutionary pet franchise. At first glance you may think that this is just like any other dog grooming salon out there, but the truth is that Splash and Dash is much more than this. It is a unique grooming salon with a high end boutique. Here are a few of the things that make the company unique.


  1. Recurring Revenue- the signature bath membership is modeled after gym memberships and provides franchise owners with revenue every month. This also helps to boost sales within the grooming salon as well as the boutique.
  2. Startup Support: Most franchisors will offer support for the startup of your company. What sets Splash and Dash apart is that we help you throughout this process. You will have help with finding the perfect location, construction, training for you as well as your staff and much more.
  3. Ongoing Support- While just about every franchise will offer you support to get you started, Splash and Dash is one of the few franchises out there that continues to offer support to ensure that you are successful.
  4. Proprietary Software–  The software system is designed specifically for pet franchise owners and has everything you need at the touch of a button.
  5. Protected Territories This ensures that you will not have to compete with other another Splash and Dash pet franchise for business in your local community. We strategically create our territories to ensure  that your best interests are taken into consideration.


Why the Pet Industry?


It is important to understand why a pet franchise is the optimal business when you want to become your own boss. This is a field that has seen explosive growth over the last decade and it is forecasted to continue this trend. While it may not seem like a pet franchise is just a luxury, studies have shown that people are more likely to go without luxury services and products for themselves in order to pamper their pets. This is why even when the economy was in a tailspin back in 2008 through 2010 the pet industry continued to grow while most other businesses saw losses. Here’s what the experts found out about the pet industry:


  • $73 billion a year industry– This is a booming industry and there has never been a better time to get on board. Projections based on the history of the industry show that it should continue to grow for years to come.
  • Proven to be recession proof- Even though the economic downturn hurt almost every industry, the pet industry saw the reverse effect and actually continued to grow.


There are several reasons why these numbers have continued to grow. For one, people tend to think of their pets more like family and want to provide better health and wellness for the pets just as they do themselves. About 67% of households in the US have either a dog or cat and this number is continuing to rise.


Most people today view their pets as a member of the family, not simply as a pet. If you want to care for your family and you consider your pet family, then doesn’t it make sense that you would want to spend your money on your pet? One of the biggest reasons for this rise is that many Americans  are waiting until later in life to start a family in order to pursue their career and instead having a pet they spoil like a child instead.


What About Other Industries?


Some people think that they will make more money by buying something other than a pet franchise. They may think that restaurants, day cares or other businesses are a better investment. However, this is not always the case. In fact, you will find that other industries are not the golden geese that they seem to be. Some examples of this include:


  • Restaurants– The restaurant industry is huge, but this requires significant startup fees, additional staff and overall is a huge headache for most restaurant owners.
  • Coffee Shops- These franchises have many of the same issues as the restaurant industry. There is tremendous competition with these franchises and they tend not to be as good in practice as they seem when imagining the business.
  • Gas Stations and Convenience Stores- If you are looking for a low cost franchise to startup, then this is not the business for you. Even on the low end this can cost you a quarter of a million just to get up and running. Once it is up and going, it can be a great way to make money, though it requires a significant investment of your time and finances to keep up.
  • Cleaning Businesses- This has been long acknowledged by Forbes, Entrepreneur and other magazines as the best franchise opportunity. While this can be a great money maker, cleaning is something many people hate. Sure you can hire people to work for you but this takes away from your profits with the business. If you prefer animals, then a pet franchise may be more up your alley.
  • Child Care Facilities- Any parent who has looked at the cost of child care, especially for an infant, has thought to themselves that this is a good business to start. Even though parents are willing to pay more than what they pay for their mortgage for  their child to be in a good child care, the high cost and extensive requirements can make this a difficult business. Your daycare will be under intense scrutiny and the thought of dealing with screaming children all day may not be the ideal situation for you.
  • Gyms- The recurring revenue from these businesses can create reliable, steady income. The downside to this industry is that in order to get a well recognized brand you will spend close to or more than a million dollars just to start your franchise.


Each of these industries has the potential to be a huge money maker for franchise owners. Unfortunately each of the these industries also has several drawbacks that franchise owners will have to overcome. The biggest issue with this is brand recognition. These are oversaturated markets so if you want to make a decent amount of revenue you will need to buy a well branded franchise. The problem with this is that the more recognizable the brand, the more it will cost you to start up the franchise.  If you are looking for something that will be easier and just as likely to be profitable, then a Splash and Dash pet franchise is the option for you.


The Best Pet Franchise Opportunities for You


The pet industry is huge and there are many options for your pet franchise. This is where it is essential to really understand not only your options, but what they can offer to you. This will help to give you a better understanding of which option is right for you.


  • Doggie Daycare- This is a trendy pet franchise with locations with several different franchises popping up around the country. You may think that doggie day care is lucrative because it is gaining popularity, but the truth is that there are many costs associated with this, including additional staff and equipment that other pet franchise opportunities do not utilize.
  • Dog Bakeries- These are a huge niche pet franchise that many people love. The problem with these franchises is that many people do not know about them or would rather go to a pet store that has a bakery within it to buy the treats for their dog.
  • Dog Walking-  These businesses are not well known either and as such require hefty marketing budgets. You will also have added expenses that other pet franchises do not have such as background checks, travel costs and more. Unless you have a team of people working with you and a packed schedule, making money with these franchises is difficult.
  • Pet Boarding- As a fairly popular pet franchise, this may seem like the best option for your franchise purchase. However, there are many issues that these businesses have, including high startup fees, competition and more. Many people feel more comfortable having their pets boarded with their vet rather than going to a pet boarding facility where they will not know the level of care their pet will receive.
  • Dog Grooming- You will find that this can be an excellent money maker for your pet franchise because this is a service pets need and pet parents do not want to do themselves. The best franchise opportunities will combine this with another service to give the business more revenue.
  • Retail Pet Franchises- Aside from cute little boutiques, chances are you will not find a pet franchise that offers just retail. While  these can be profitable, the profit increases with other services or products that bring more foot traffic into the location.


This is why Splash and Dash has combined both a grooming salon with a retail boutique. The groomerie is the focus of the business, though this does not mean that the boutique is not important. In fact, the boutique offers high quality products that reinforce the values of Splash and Dash and help to generate even more income for the pet franchise. Many customers buy their dog food, treats and toys regularly when they come in. By combining these two services, along with the revolutionary business model Splash and Dash offers, it helps to not only increase traffic but create a better relationship between the owner and staff of the pet franchise and their customers as well as the community.


What Goes into Buying a Pet Franchise?


If you have never owned a franchise before, then the thought of what all goes into a pet franchise can seem a little overwhelming. While there is a lot that goes into starting up your franchise, the truth is that it is not as scary as you think it is. This is why we have laid out what all goes into this so you can have a better understanding of it.


Self Evaluation

Before you even start looking for the right pet franchise, the first thing you need to do is a little introspection. Take the time to understand what you are looking for in the franchise you purchase. This is important because you do not want to be let down by the franchise when it does not offer just what you are expecting of it.


More than this, you should take the time to understand whether you would be a good franchisee. Just because you have the money to startup the business does not mean that this is enough. Some of the qualities that you need to have are:


  • Dedication– To be a successful franchisee you will need to have extreme dedication. Success does not happen overnight and you need to be dedicated to the business and making it work for a long time to get to where you want to be.
  • Follow Through- Another thing you will need to have in order to be successful  with your pet franchise is follow through. Having an excellent marketing plan is important, but you need to make sure you have the follow through to make the things happen that need to happen.
  • Organized- You need to have organizational skills to run a business. Without this you will find that tasks that need to get done are forgotten about and this can cause serious issues with your business.
  • Ability to Follow the Rules- When you buy a pet franchise you will sign a franchise agreement in which you agree to follow the rules of the franchise. If you are a person who likes to play by your own rules then you will find that the franchise business model simply is not right for you.
  • Business Sense- In order to run a successful business you need to have some experience with business. Whether you have taken classes in business management, have run your own business or simply been in a managerial role, you need to have some experience to be successful.
  • Passion to Succeed- You need to have the drive and passion to succeed if you want to get to where you want to be with the franchise.
  • A Do-Whatever-it-Takes-Willing-to-Get-Your-Hands-Dirty Attitude– This goes right along with a passion to succeed but it is worth mentioning again. To get things done in a business, especially a pet franchise, sometimes you will need to get your hands dirty and do things you normally would not do. This could be anything from bathing dogs when a groomer calls out or something more intense and frustrating.


Research the Pet Franchise


Research is one of the most crucial element of buying a franchise. You want to make sure that you are buying a franchise that is right for you. You will want to look further than what the company does, but what their core values are and how this lines up with yours. Along with this, take the time to understand the history of the franchise to ensure that you will be able to make money with the company.


Call the pet franchise to find out more about the company. At Splash and Dash you will be able to get all the information you need. This is the time when you should be able to ask all the questions you have of the pet franchise. This can be anything from how many employees will I need to how much money can I make with a pet franchise. If it is helpful, create a list of different questions to ask the franchisor to help keep you from forgetting them. This is a great way to get the conversation going back and forth and get your pet franchise off the ground.


Taking a Tour

Once you think you have found the pet franchise that is right for you, the next step will be to spend a day with a location. This is an excellent way to see what goes on in a day within the business. While each business is a little different, it can help you to have a better understanding of whether this is something you want to do.  During this visit you will be able to ask the franchisee any questions you may have. Many people feel that they get a more candid response this way.


Make Sure You are Ready


Before you make the final decision, you need to make sure that owning a pet franchise is in your best interest. In order to be successful with your franchise you will need to be determined, committed, able to follow directions, a leader and so much more. Make sure that this is something you can handle so this does not lead to issues down the road. A self assessment is the best way to determine if owning a pet franchise is right for you.


Securing Your Financing

Unless you have significant scores of cash or other liquid assets, you will need to finance your pet franchise. This may seem scary, especially if you have never had to do this before. However, securing financing for the pet franchise does not have to be difficult. You simply need to know what you are doing. To make it easier, we have created a blog that teaches you how to secure the financing you need to get your pet franchise up and running.


The first thing you will want to do is talk with your financial advisor. They will be able to help you know which options are right for you when looking for funding. While it is good to look at the different options available to you, they are the experts in the field and can give you the best advice. Make sure you hire one who is knowledgeable in this area to ensure that you get the best outcome.


The SBA offers a loan that is fairly easy to get for most business owners. This is a common way people fund their franchise, but this is not the only option out there. You can choose a home equity loan, personal loan or even an unsecured loan. Keep in mind that to secure your financing, you will need to have some sort of capital. Even if you do not have a great deal of savings, you can still finance your pet franchise with creative ideas.




The Financial Disclosure Document, also known as the FDD, is something that is required to be provided by the franchisor prior to the franchise contract being signed. In this you will find all sorts of information. Some of the things that this can include are the projected costs for starting the business, You will want to look this over to ensure that you understand what will be expected of you as well as what you can expect from your franchisor. Make sure you have a lawyer read over this to help you understand it fully. You will also want to have your accountant go over this document as well so you can understand the financial implications in this and ensure that you will be able to meet them.


Completing the Process


The franchise contract is what you sign when you buy the franchise. This will outline the rights and responsibilities of both the franchisor and the franchisee.  Once this is signed, the next step is to get the ball rolling with your pet franchise. This will include aspects such as signing the lease on your location, setting up equipment and hiring staff.


How Splash and Dash Helps with the Pet Franchise

For many franchisees seeing the long list of tasks to be completed before their pet franchise opens can be overwhelming. You may think that it is simply impossible to get it all done in a reasonable time. The good news is that at Splash and Dash, we believe in making the startup process just as easy for our pet franchise locations as it is to run the store from day to day. Here are a few of the things we offer to help make your location easier to run.


Training to Help Get You Started

Many people take for granted all that goes into setting up a pet franchise. Even after you have the perfect location and everything is ready to go, you still need to know what to do after you open. This is where Splash and Dash University can be a huge help. We offer complete training for you as well as your team. This takes place in two different stages.


The first is for the franchisees in our training facility in St. Pete, FL. As the franchisee you will fly in and stay for three days of training where you will learn what you need to run the business. We have a mock shop set up in our corporate headquarters where you will learn how to run the business and there are also computers where you will learn how to run the software.


The second phase of training takes place in your franchise location. This will be where we help you train your staff on how to work the system and properly run things. The nice thing about this is that you will already know how to run the store, so this training will be quicker and easier for your staff.


Proprietary Software

Another great support feature that we offer is proprietary software that is designed by pet shop owners for pet shop owners. This is designed to have everything you need right at the tip of your fingers. It is an intuitive system that is easy to use. The integration of our SD Vendors sites makes ordering for your pet franchise even easier.


Continued Support

Some franchisors will help you get your franchise up and running but at Splash and Dash we really see ourselves as your partner in success. This is why we have a team of vice presidents who are there to help you at a moment’s notice. Whether you are looking for help with trying to make your budget work or handling a dispute within the franchise, you can feel confident that Splash and Dash will be there for you. In fact, our 7 vice presidents are ready at a moment’s notice to help you. This is very different from many of the other franchises out there that expect you to handle everything on your own. Here we want to help you succeed and this is just one of the many ways that we do this.


Technology Integration

At Splash and Dash we believe in using technology to the pet franchises run smoother. There are several ways that we have already implemented this into our stores. Our proprietary software is an excellent example of this. However, it goes much deeper than this. We also embrace the idea of future technology and what it can do for our stores. There are many plans to incorporate emerging and future technology into our existing and future locations.