Marketing Strategies that Will Dominate 2017

Marketing in the Pet Franchise Industry

There have been dramatic changes in marketing schematics in the past two years. The pet franchise industry has benefited and grown from the innovations that have leveled the playing field between small businesses and multinational corporations.

It is important for Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique owners to be aware of the many emerging marketing tactics that will impact the pet franchise industry in the new year.

Using Engaging Content

Interactive content has been relevant since it’s inception. Active participation with social media posts and built content have been proven to be more resonating with consumers than passively regarded content. Polls, surveys, infographics, brackets, and contests are more favorable than blocks of information that have high bounce rates and less scroll depth.

Make content compelling.

Posts should be fun to interact with—not by catering to an audience with a low attention span, but by creating content that is worth paying attention to.

Desktop Viewing Eclipsed by Mobile Viewing

Social marketing thrives on video.

Aside from what marketing strategists tell us, just look at your personal Facebook feed. 95 percent of posts with reach are videos. In 2015, for the first time ever, mobile views surpassed desktop views. This means that the majority of individuals engaging with content are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The pet franchise industry relies heavily on mobile video to capture the attentions of consumers with an appeal to human-animal camaraderie.

When posting on social media keep this in mind.

Instagram: Live Streaming

In December, the Instagram app launched Instagram Live which lets users broadcast live video that is not saved. This means followers can tune in and leave at their own will.

The trend observed from the success of this launch, is that short-lived content—which can only be viewed in real time—is prevailing.

Short-lived content is generally out of the scope of the pet franchise industry, but as apps and technology are developed, small businesses may want to consider the possibilities of live streaming.

If your shop has a strong Instagram following, consider live-streaming events your shop hosts to publicize the event and market your shop.

Because the broadcast cannot be saved or viewed again it gives the content an immediacy that drives engagement.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Science fiction is more science and less fiction in today’s marketplace. Products that are enabled with IOT (Internet of Things) capabilities are already the next big thing making “common” devices “smart” devices.

Chatbots are seamlessly taking on the role of salesman. The AI that power chatbots are so developed that one should have a hard time discerning whether they are speaking with a human or robot.

Facebook has integrated chatbot technology with news updates, personalized responses, and more functions to create a more distinctive experience for users.

Mobile First Strategy

With wifi being an omnipresent luxury of 2017,  more consumers are constantly thumb-scrolling their way down feeds and timelines on mobile devices.

This is ideal for shops that need to maintain their social content marketing presence.

Continuously posting videos, Gifs, and Vines on Facebook and other social media apps and sites helps craft content for the mobile world.

In terms of marketing, this is when content is segmented to reach specific audience members based on their preferences, habits, and interests. Why would the pet franchise industry reach out to people who hate dogs?

Customer data, predictive analytics, and marketing cloud solutions make targeting a specific audience possible.

Just as every customer that walks into a Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is treated with excellent customer service, this same personal touch is used with online marketing.

Marketing Automation

The key to expediting shop marketing roles is to do something once, then have the function automated. Customer wide emails can be automated to go out even when business owners are not on-site.

Data suggests there are varying times to post on social media content sites and apps depending on the circumstance. It is important to set up a posting schedule that is automated and capitalizes on the best times to drive traffic.

What does it all mean?

Many of the marketing trends of 2017 are superfluous to Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique shop owners. Corporate offices spearhead the international marketing campaigns, making it easy for shop owners to take care of their local community.

We use what works through data-based results to design marketing platforms, and maintain fluency in all relevant and impactful trends. This article is written to shed some light on some of the dark spaces of marketing jargon.

Corporate is looking forward to the new year and is excited to proceed with the innovation and success that has carried the company this far and further.


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