6 Investor Reasons You Should Choose the Pet Industry

There is a multitude of reasons some businesses fail while others soar. It all boils down to variables, some are controllable and others are not. One huge variable prospect investors and small business owners can control is the industry they choose. The pet care franchise has been proven to be a safe bet and is continuing to be highlighted by 2017 marketplace forecasts.

There is a reason Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is being recognized by Forbes and The INC 500 List multiple years in a row for a four-digit growth rate.

This pet care franchise article will discuss 6 trends that influence a marketplace that produces large expenditures for the pet industry.

The Industry is Recession-Proof

A recession-proof business is within an industry that thrives during plunging economic times like car repossession or healthcare. When the country is experiencing more frugal times many fail to make car payments.  Unfortunately, humans get sick despite the economy.

The pet care franchise is an industry that has been proven to fit the definition of recession-proof by seeing massive growth during the Great Recession.

In 2007, the U.S. pet industry expenditure was floating at $41.2 billion and climbed $4.33 billion in just two years. The 2016 fiscal year is estimated to close at $62.75 billion, an over 52 percent increase since the beginning of the financial crisis.

During hard times, people turn to more economical means of happiness—their dogs and cats.

Consumer spending did not curb during the recession years. In fact, upscale amenities for pets like luxury hotels were prosperous while traditional hotels for humans were under pressure from peer-to-peer online marketplaces. Individuals view their pets as intimately as their own children and are willing to pay for their pet wellness and comfort.

When trend analysts state that the pet care franchise is recession proof this is not a hyperbole.

Formula for Success

The pet care franchise retail sector is not reliant on holiday sales. There are spikes in sales during the holiday season, but unlike other recession-proof industries like cosmetics, sales remain steady during the entire year. The retail demand is predictable.

Pet parents take care of their animals year-round.

Also, marketplace trends show huge increases in premium products and services like luxurious spa treatments, craft human-grade foods, and household decorum items. Analysts show that being obsessed with your dog is a national trend that is not going anywhere.

The average dog owner spends around $1,641 on a single pet.

No Need to Educate the Customer

Many amazing startups with huge potential do not survive because too much investment would be devoted to educating consumers on the product.

There is no inherent value.

You can have the best marketing strategies, sales team, and a huge market gap, but unless people intrinsically see the value, it is going to be much harder to gain traction.

Pet parents already know pet wellness is important for the longevity of their animals.

The pet care franchise has huge advantages because most pet owners have already researched the investment of owning a dog or cat. They know the costs.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique helps promote healthy animals by providing premium products for any budget and helping to assist the busy lives of their parents. Innovative products that the company provides receive good reception because pet parents are open to trying it if it means a healthier animal.

We’re Evolutionarily Predisposed to Pet Cuteness

Hollywood has long since figured this out. Just look at the amount of pet-themed movies.

The science behind this disposition was developed by an Austrian biologist and ethologist named Konrad Lorenz. His team observed a set of physical traits that humans identify as cute and adorable.

  • Large head relative to body size
  • Rounded head
  • Large protruding head
  • Large eyes relative to face
  • Eyes below the midline of head
  • Rounded protruding cheeks
  • Rounded body shape
  • Soft elastic body surfaces

Lorenz suggests that we are hardwired to think these physical traits are cute. The prevailing theory is that this is necessary for nurturing and survival. It is comparable to the symmetry of beauty and whether or not this a pseudoscience is almost irrelevant.

Puppies and kittens are transparently cute.

Positive Margins

Retailers suggest having a margin anywhere above 60 percent for the best sales figures.

Most dog and cat food lines fall around 50 percent but premium products are well above this number depending on the product.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique facilitate initial stock orders to provide a diverse range of products for any budget with margins guaranteed for success.

Unique to Splash and Dash is the model of recurring revenue with our signature bath service. Since the service is unlimited, it not only conveniences customers, but also provides shops with continual income.

The upscale shop model helps promote a luxurious flair for the company’s customers who know they’ll receive excellent customer service and loving-award-winning service for their pets.

Growing Market

The pet industry has been growing and shows no signs of stopping. Expenditure projections for 2019 are projected at $91.72 billion, according to the APPA. 97.3 percent of households report owning a cat or dog making up 75 percent of owned popular pets.

Average dog owners spend around $1,641 on their dog with the majority of this spent on food and services.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique provides convenience and fair prices for customers who want to take preventative steps toward their pet’s wellness. Pet parents understand that grooming service can help avoid more costly visits to veterinarians. Bathing, nail trimming, and even facials help counteract possible maladies.

Nail trimming helps fix bad posture that can torque the spine. Facials flush out tear ducts that can be blocked and cause epiphora while monthly bathing decreases chances of matting and skin irritations.

Total U.S. Pet Industry Expenditures

Year                 Billions

  • 2016                 $62.75 Estimated
  • 2015                 $60.28 Actual|
  • 2014                 $58.04
  • 2013                 $55.72
  • 2012                 $53.33
  • 2011                 $50.96
  • 2010                 $48.35
  • 2009                 $45.53
  • 2008                 $43.2
  • 2007                 $41.2
  • 2006                 $38.5
  • 2005                 $36.3

Proud to Be Doing Business

Above all, Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique—as a pet care franchise—is a company of passion. Income, sales records, and prestige are not why the company does it. These things just make it easier.

Visit a shop.

Ask any employee or shop owner why they love doing what they do.

They will tell you that their line of business makes a loving impact on their local community. Owners are able to be leaders, stimulate and diversify the economy, and provide a loving environment that promotes the health and wellness of all their clients’ animals.

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