Top 6 Trends of Franchising in 2016

Trends affecting Pet franchise Opportunity

Pet franchise opportunity in the U.S. market is immense. The industry was the only industry to prosper during the 2008 recession, but franchising as a whole is accounting for majority of the nation’s economy.

The franchising sector is crucial to the American economy.

The high volume and ubiquitous presence makes innovation and new trends appear regularly. For example, it was thought that food franchising would cap at speeds it was possible to serve consumers. The food truck trend has pushed speeds even further.

It is important for investors and entrepreneurs to maintain a knowledge of trends to stay competitive and have an edge in the sector. This article outlines trends affecting any pet franchise opportunity, and the franchising sector globally.

Technological Convergence and Development

New technology is great. Cutting edge software makes it easier for everyone in the business world. Technological additions like cloud computing and SaaS (software as a service) make it possible for more collaborative efforts, eases systematization, and increases productivity.   

Cloud computing is when companies focus software to be installed via the web, not company computers. This is one of the most significant tech pushes in franchising. The software is hosted by a singled secured environment, and is accessible from a myriad of devices a company might need.

Even small franchises are finding a need to develop more sophisticated systems. Investors in a pet franchise opportunity are finding that franchisors that provide advanced POS systems and terminal software that makes back office operations a breeze.

This is cornerstone for Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique. Software updates are constantly updated and training is always provided.

Increasing Minorities and Women in Franchising

In 2016, the glass ceiling has finally been shattered. Women and minorities who were turned down, or overlooked within corporate America, are finding a haven in franchising. Individuals with less capital and business experience are finding the means to professionally grow and own their own business through a pet franchise opportunity.

Good franchises provide support for those fed up with the barriers of the traditional work space. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique has forged the path for individuals under this circumstance.

Rohit Aurora–CEO of Biz2Credit–offers this insight, “Minorities are going to become the majority in the next five to 10 years in terms of small businesses. They will keep contributing in starting, buying and growing businesses.”

This boosts the economy and will open more business opportunities for the future.

Internationalization of Franchises

Oversea markets have a high demand for American services and products. Many franchise experts agree that this trend is not subsiding. Countries abroad are willing to pay for Western investments, trademarks, and the packaged enterprise knowledge.

Over 400 franchises are currently operating internationally, including Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, according to International Franchise Association. Internationalization is not limited to food franchises and has extended well into pet franchise opportunity.

The reason for this is because of the Franchise Trade Commission. This was a program under the U.S. commercial service that facilitates business deals for American companies abroad.

Globalization creates an open door to expand business into the international arena. This is key for business growth when U.S. territories become over saturated.

Crowdfunding Tailors into Franchising

Another trend deriving from the 2008 recession is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding was severed during the recession when traditional equity lines as a source of capital for franchisees became outdated. Today establishing capital or finding seed money can come from crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is when start-up venturists, prospect franchisees, or inventors raise a fixed amount of money as loan, investment, or gift. This system expands the class of individual likely to invest in a small business.

A pet franchise opportunity found great success with this model in 2015.  A startup called TurboPUP gained recognition and capital by appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank.

As any franchise should, Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique stays updated on innovations such as crowdfunding and premiumization within franchise markets.

Multi Unit Franchise Ownership

In the past, franchisors wanted franchisees to focus on solely their brand. This has changed. Today, franchisors are more interested in multi unit owners who may even own franchises outside of their industry. The aim is for franchisors to partner with investors who are already an experienced operator.

Owning multi units allows expedite growth as pet franchise opportunity.

The Franchise Business Review stated that the median annual pre-tax income for multi unit shop owners was $88,000 with 29% earning more than 150K, and 16% earning over 250K.

11% of owners of single unit franchises earn more than 150K with 4% earning more than $250K.

A franchisor should encourage eager investors through the process of owning multi units, but also help to protect franchisees from overwhelming themselves.  

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